Thursday, May 1, 2008

Parents for a Night!!!

Yeah!!! We got to be parents - even if only temporarily - last night!!

Ryan & Jenn let us keep Rollins while they enjoyed a date night! It was so good for me and Russell. Rollins was a sweetheart. At first, we just took turns passing him to each other. He just kept reaching out for the other when in our arms! :) Then, we realized, he was reaching out to the one that would take him outside! Ahhhhh! So, I took him outside! He did sweet barking dogs responded; he reached out to the bbq grills - just like a man! ;); he was just wide-eyed, being in a new back yard, trying to take it all in! Then, we went back inside, and we all played! Well, mostly, I took pictures, while Uncle Russell and Rollins played...

"First thing's first, Uncle Russell! Let's go climbin' on all this fun, soft furniture!!"

"Come on, Uncle Russell! You can't stop now! We've got more to climb!" Russell had to say no to climbing over the back of the chair!! Good thing!

We were so proud of Rollins!! We know Mommy & Daddy are teaching him to climb down feet first, so we kept cheering him on..."Feet first goin' down, Buddy! Feet first!"

Then, they played this sweet "I see you!" game with a see-through, frisbee-like toy. Russell's going to be such a wonderful daddy!

Yeah!! Rollins wanted ME to hold him, too! I literally prayed for this earlier in the day, and he kept reaching out to me through the evening! Thank you, Lord!!

Of course, all good things come to an end, and we had to put Rollins down to bed. He was fast asleep and made not one little peep!

Mommy & Daddy had a great date night, and we did, too! "We're ready to keep Rollins again, guys! Love y'all!"


Darby Stickler said...

Y'all are naturals!! Shireen, you're doing awesome at blogging these days!! Keep it up, sister!!!

THE WRIGHT'S said...

Thanks, Darby!! :)
Means a lot! ;)
I'm keeping up with yours, too, sister!

Kathryn said...

Hey Shireeny! I've been catching up w/ your blogs- way to go! :) Sorry we've been "out" lately- check our blog to see why! ;)
But miss you and hope to catch up *in person* soon!
Looks like a fun night with little mr. DeV!

John said...

Welllllll ya'll do look like naturals... It may be time to be more than an
We will wait till the Lord prompts you tho....(well we may sneek a word in once in a while)

We love you