Friday, March 25, 2011

Our Days In Pictures...

I don't take much time to blog these days, so getting pictures posted is doing great for me! :) I 'heard' that certain family members :) were WAITING and WAITING for the last posts, so I'm going to try to do better! This is a great documentation of our days in picture form...

Rhys & I hit the play-doh a few days a week...
Caleb is practicing sitting!!! Yay!!! (Holly, recognize the outfit? :) It's fun to see outfits on Caleb that Rhys wore not too long ago!! :))
Caleb in his bouncy seat...
And , now that the days are warmer, we spend as much time outside as possible! Daddy bought these cool shades for Rhys... :)
Now, isn't this sweet... Rhys wants to share his shades with Zeke. :)
One morning, I looked out on our deck, and I saw that Rhys had pulled ALL of his trucks, tractors, etc. out of his room onto the deck! My first thought was, "Great...look what we're going to have to clean up!" It was too cute though...I had to snap a picture...he's even wearing Daddy's hard hat! :)
And this precious smile keeps me going! He enjoys his outdoor activity just as much as big brother!!
Who couldn't love this face of joy and thanksgiving for this FUN play time?!?!?! The first thing Rhys asks for EVERY morning is "Daddy? Daddy? Daddy?" The next thing is "Play? Play? Play?" :) So, we hit the deck running!
And a sweet face to leave you with...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy 7 Months, Caleb!!

Oh, Caleb! Happy 7 months, big guy! Every time I look at you, I think, "You are BEAUTIFUL!" God gave you the most beautiful blue eyes that everyone - and I do mean EVERYONE - asks about..."Where did he get those big blue eyes!?!?" My answer remains, "The Lord because we sure don't have blue eyes!"
Caleb, you are so much FUN...playful, content, full of giggles once we get to ticklin' on you :), and you absolutely LOVE to put everything in your mouth! Any toy goes from hand to mouth in an instant! You enjoy your tummy time, rolling from back to front and front to back, laying on your back and playing with all the fun toys dangling from your activity mat, banging on and sucking on all the fun toys around your exersaucer and, although you haven't quite figured out what you're supposed to do in the Johnny Jump Up, I take heart in knowing you'll get it soon! :) You also love to just watch your very entertaining brother! You just smile and smile as you watch him run around and talk and talk! :) Thankfully, you boys play really well together!!
Ah...and moving on to the subject of're a pro! I am thankful! You've eaten all kinds of fruits and veggies! Even had some avocado for the first time last night! Yum!! I'm starting to muster up the courage to let you feed yourself some yogurt bites, baby cheese puffs and other baby finger foods. You haven't complained about any foods yet. Yay!! You're just about as laid back as they come, must take after your Daddy, and I could learn from you!
Oh, and you weigh about 18 lbs. I'm just so thankful that you're healthy and so content!!!

We love you so much and wish you a happy 7 months and many more happy months to come!!!

Love, Daddy & Mommy