Friday, May 30, 2008

Unbelievable, Indeed!

Voila! The spinach calzone was, indeed, unbelievable! :) I followed the directions to the "T," also adding the meats and jalapenos, then brushing the tops of the calzones with egg whites and Italian seasonings just before baking. Baked in only 20 minutes!

Russell was delighted, and he's pretty picky! Sooooooo, we highly recommend the recipe!

Note: The Italian seasonings sprinkled atop just before baking make a very tasty difference!!

Post-Baking. Picture perfect! Well, to me! :)

And, of course, topping it off just the "wright" way (or maybe just the "Shireen" way????) and from the kitchen of Betty Crocker herself...Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies...

Sharon, thanks for that yummy dessert idea! YUM!

Off to a movie with my hubby! Have a great Friday night!!


Darby said...

Shireen!! They look wonderful! I love it that you documented with pictures..... a woman after my own heart! Enjoy your movie! I'm headed off for a nice long hot shower! And those cookies look yummy too!

erika said...

YUMMY! I think even my picky husband will eat these!! Thanks for sharing!

Dave and Carrie Tyson said...

This looks and sounds so YUMMY!!! I cannot wait to try it out now that I am home! I love you and miss you! Can't wait to catch up. God bless you sweet friend.