Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy 20 Months, Rhys!!

Our big boy is growing up right before our very eyes!!! I want to slow down the process! I want to slow down TIME!!! He is changing SO much, and I can't keep up! Oh, I praise the Lord for this precious boy, for exactly who he is, and what a blessing to get to be part of his life! "Thank You, Lord!!! Thank You!!!"
Rhys' new FAVORITE is TRACTORS!!! We've had construction going on next to our house for about two months. I was thinking it was going to be a miserable process, interrupting afternoon naps and waking us up early in the mornings, but it's actually not affected naps or mornings at all! Instead, we've had the benefit of ENTERTAINMENT as Rhys stands at the windows, watching the tractors for HOURS!!!! :) {Terrible quality picture below, but you should be able to see Rhys, holding his lovie, of course, and probably saying, "Tractor! Tractor! Tractor!" while watching the bulldozer dig up and pour dirt into the dump truck, just outside our window.}
This is what's going on outside... A boy's DREAM!!!!
More about this month of our sweet Rhys' life...
Time with GOOD friends! Doesn't this guy look SO happy!?!?
Well, he is! In the company of sweet Jocelyn, who kissed Rhys the very first time she EVER met him!
And Jude, the over-protective little brother???? :) Jude's a sweetheart, just doesn't want anyone to know it! ;)
And Rhys is now feeding himself {sometimes :)}!!! Here, he's feeding himself chicken, using a fork!!! Yay!!!
Oh, Mr. Independent!!! And Mommy loves this very much, especially with Caleb here, now!!!
Oh, and last, but certainly NOT least!! :) The highly honored lovies! Rhys was given a package of three matching lovies (basically, small blankies with a stuffed animal's head on one corner) at birth. I had NO idea he'd use ALL THREE!! This child SUCKS on the TAGS like a pacifier!!! :) It's really sweet, but it's also GROSS because the lovies smell spoiled at least every other day. I wash them every two or three days {I have to SNEAK them away from him and into the wash! Sometimes I can't even get them into the dryer before he's looking for them! :)}, and I even soaked them in vinegar this week, in hopes of getting rid of that awful, sour smell!

So, now that I've established the importance of these lovies :), I can share that last week, Rhys absolutely would NOT take a bath one afternoon without ALL THREE of those lovies!!! I tried to explain why they did not need to go into the bath tub with him, but then I realized that it's just a phase, and, truthfully, the lovies DID need a bath! :) So, here is our big boy :) with his lovies, I mean "paci's" :), in his bath!
What a WONDERFUL month this has been!!! And, although I haven't shared any pictures of the Rhys and Caleb together {because I just haven't made any, I guess}, Rhys is so sweet to his brother! He points at Caleb's toes, eyes, nose, etc. and names those body parts. He is learning well how to be gentle with little Caleb, and we are thankful for that.

We love you, Rhys!! Happy 20 months and growing!! Love, Mommy & Daddy. XOXOXOXOXOXO............................. :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Holiday & Other Fun T-Shirts

I've created some fun T-Shirt appliques and monograms at Sweet Creations!

You can see all the shirts here! Hope you enjoy browsing!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Introducing, "Sweet Creations by Shireen"

I've finally put together a site to share my sewing and embroidery creations! I call it "Sweet Creations by Shireen" for two reasons: 1-my name means sweet :), and I've always wanted to use that for a 'business' name, and 2-most of what I 'create' I would characterize as 'sweet,' personalized baby gifts and other handmade things.

I invite you to visit my new blog periodically as I share new, fun items...both sewing and embroidery! Please include comments!! I am offering a FREEBIE in the month of October! I will have a name drawing from all who comment this month (September), so take me up on it!! :)

Thanks, and I'm excited to share!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy One Month, Caleb!!

Caleb made a month on Friday! Whew! Time is flying by!! He is doing so great, for which we acknowledge and praise our Lord! He's easy going, eats well and quickly {that makes Mommy happy! :)}, sleeps well for naps and at night {not quite through the night just yet, but we're definitely praying and working toward that direction}, and he's just a pleasurable addition to our family! I look at him and think how marvelous God is...what a beautiful piece of creation this child is! Yes, I'm totally biased...he and his brother are PRECIOUS in their Mommy's eyes! :)

Just look at this little gentleman. :)
Such puppy-dog eyes...oh, I'm a sucker for my children...I will cave in for just about anything! :)
We wish you a happy one month, sweet boy! You are such a pleasure, and your Daddy and Mommy and big brother love you VERY much! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

A FUN Four-Day Weekend

God has blessed us this season - these four months in Missouri - with three four-day weekends, which have been SO needed for our marriage and our family, as Russell stays SOOOOOO busy with training! Oh, I am SO thankful for this long Labor Day weekend!!! We have enjoyed a wonderful COOL break from the HOT weather, so we've spent a LOT of time outside...going for nice, long walks, drives through the countryside, playing on playgrounds, and Rhys' new favorite...scoping out ANY kind of tractor or heavy machinery/equipment.

There is an outdoor museum on post of all kinds of military vehicles and equipment, which we ventured through yesterday, and Rhys kept saying, "Dah-dah," his version of "Tractor." :)
Rhys is intimidated by the SIZE of most of these "beasts," but he let Daddy get him up close and personal with them. I think he'll be ready to start climbing all over them in just weeks! :)
Caleb continues to grow into a handsome little fellow, and we enJOY our time with him!!
Then, we were BLESSED with a visit by this amazing couple! Parker and Emily drove up to MO for the weekend and spent yesterday afternoon and last night with us! We were TREATED to some needed fellowship with them! I was like a live wire, so excited to see them and to get to catch up! The guys went for a drive through the base and through the country to get their guy time, while we girls got to stay in with the kiddos and catch up on the last few months!! Our hearts are INCREDIBLY fulfilled since our time with the soon-to-be Dalton's!! :) "Thank you, guys, so much for coming to see us!!! We love you two with all of our hearts and look forward to celebrating the union of your lives and hearts so soon!!"
Whew! It's just been such a great weekend, and I'm excited that this training week will be a short one because today is a holiday!! Yay!! "Thank YOU, Lord!!!"

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Night Out with My Soldier

Last Friday night, Russell and I attended one of his military formals. A friend kept Rhys for the evening, and we were able to take Caleb with us. It was great to meet so many of Russell's training/class mates. I didn't bring ANY dress clothes to Missouri, but the Lord more than provided in options of dresses and all the needed accessories through girlfriends that I've gotten to know here! It all came together LAST minute, and it was a sweet evening at my husband's side! I am so proud of him and thankful to be his partner in this life.
I must say, he is quite the stud in uniform! :)

We head back to B'ham in less than a month, and we look forward to the changes ahead of us!