Monday, May 5, 2008

Sunday Mornin' Cruise with My Sis!!

Sunday morning was such a treat! I got to ride 20 miles through the quaint villages and residential areas of the over-the-mountain area with my sis! It was perfect, cool weather and sunny skies! We did 20 miles in 1.5 hours! It's confirmed...Soraya is a stud! She amazed me with her cycling and leadership skills. We started our venture at the bottom of a hill...if you're familiar with the Homewood residential area parallel to Brookwood Village, you know the inclines to which I'm referring! Yeah...exactly.

So, as I'm climbing that first hill, my chest and breathing are in overdrive, and I'm shifting those gears and wabbling up that hill, pedaling like a maniac, trying, but definitely failing, to keep up with Soraya. (Was that a run-on sentence? :)) I'm thinking to myself, "Great start, Shireen." Soraya peers over her shoulder from the top of the hill, making this look oh so easy, and asks me, "Doin' alright?" "Doin' great!" I respond, "Right behind ya!" Thankfully, we did not hit another crazy hill like that one for the rest of our ride. Oh, and great leadership skills on Soraya's part, too! She was great at letting me know if we were about to go left, right or straight, and she didn't hesitate once with the patches of traffic we'd pass through.

Can y'all tell us apart? :)

"Soraya, you're really cool! ;) I'm thankul to be your sister! Already looking forward to our next cycling adventure! Love you!"


Soraya said...

Ditto Sista!
Love you too!

The deVilleneuve's said...

I love those pics! I hopeyou guys get to go riding together again this weekend!