Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hangin' Out...

We've just been hangin' out these last few weeks...

Had a sweet visit with Granny {my granny :)}...
Caleb's tummy times have increased...
His eyes are still blue, which makes me wonder if they'll stay blue??? My eyes are dark brown, and Russell's are more hazel (green/brown), so blue eyes are an interesting and beautiful addition to the family. :)
Rhys is sporting a gift from Daddy after they ventured to one of Russell's favorite places...Bass Pro Shops. Russell went there three days in a row last week, including Black Friday!!! You know he's got to be a very serious {or crazy!! :)} man to get out that day!! :)
And I found Rhys playing in this today! He's a funny fella! :) I really look forward to watching Caleb play in this soon!!!
Caleb's been sporting some sweet Christmas outfits...don't you just love a baby in footie pj's!?!? :)
This afternoon, we popped popcorn and sat by a big fire. Rhys likes to watch the popcorn pop...
...then reaches for the first piece! :)
And I'd like to introduce the newest member of our family, Zeke Wright. :)

Our Little Giggler

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Sweet Visit...

We got to visit my family today. Rhys and Caleb got to see their Baba & Mama Nili...
We got to visit with Aunt Soraya, too, but we missed out on a photo opp with her. :( We'll have to snap some pics with "Aunt Sye-Sye" next time!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy 3 Months, Caleb!!

Caleb made 3 months last week! He's doing great, and here are some sweet pictures of some of his daily activities...tummy time...
Activity mat time...some times with brother :)
Look at Rhys' big smile!! He really delights in his little brother, which Daddy & Mommy love to watch!!
And a little sitting with help from the Bumpo seat.
Caleb is a sweetheart in every way...we are thankful for another laid-back, easy little fellow. He's been sleeping from 9pm to 6/7am for a couple of weeks, now, and I am SO thankful for that good rest!!! I praise the LORD for a good schedule and the diligence to stay on it! It pays off for all of us!! He weighs in at 13lbs 8oz...just a little stat for me to remember on this post. :)

Happy 3 months, little guy! We love you and definitely thank the LORD for your presence in our lives!! XOXOXOXOXOXO.........

Friday, November 5, 2010

McWane Fun

Thank you, friend, for inviting us out to the McWane Center this chilly morning!! What a perfectly FUN outing on this cold, windy, misty day {as I type , it's actually hailing outside}!!

Rhys & Nathan are only 5 months apart in age and get along so well and had lots of fun together, while we mommies caught up! :)

First stop, the fish exhibit:
The boys were in a trance when "awing" over the pretty fishies!! {Can't you just imagine their expressions with mouths open wide as they stare in amazement at these gorgeous little swimmers? :)}
Rhys was immediately having a blast!
Look how beautiful!!! {NOT my photography, rather the fish!! That zebra fish is REAL!!!}
Then, we mosied on over to the sharks and sting rays, where people were actually petting them! Not me or Rhys! We wanted nothing to do with feeling those slippery things. Yuckie. I venture to guess that Rhys will be up for petting those slimy little guys soon enough, however.
The sharks...
Sting Rays and hammer-head fish...
Then, my sweet tour guide, Ashley, :) took us to another floor of the McWane Center where we got a sneak preview of the train exhibit, which officially opens tomorrow. So, what a treat! Nathan and Rhys were all over these train sets!! The boys were literally hanging over the edges of the big plexi-glass windows wanting a closer view, saying, "Train! Train! Train!"
Then, the boys got some hands-on time with trains...
Rhys ran up to these fun 'cars'...
Funny how kids pick up on what to do with a steering wheel. They just know to turn it...I guess from watching Mommy & Daddy drive the family van!?!?! :)
This was pretty cool...these colorful, transparent sticks that look like Superman's kryptonite :) are pushed into these flexible rubber wholes that have a bright light behind this black screen, and the light penetrates the sticks and makes a really pretty bright color! You can spell out letters, words, make fun designs, etc. with them. I immediately thought of Rhys' Aunt Tami...we're going to have to go back to McWane with Aunt Tami!!!
The 'kryptonite sticks' :)
Then, Rhys went grocery shopping :) He loves pushing these toy grocery carts. What an educational place this is!!! There was even a toy cash register and all the plastic produce to let the children play 'real life'! It's great!
I'm SOLD! We might have to get Rhys a membership to the McWane Center soon!! Maybe a birthday present??? Hmmmm...

Ashley took the boys to another section of McWane while I went to feed Caleb. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of what they did, but I am encouraged to find such an educational, fun place to bring the kiddos this upcoming cold season!!
Thank you, again, Ashley!! :)

A WARM Night & Coming Season!!!

I noticed that the temperature was supposed to get down to 38 degrees this morning, so last night, I asked Russell if he'd mind starting a fire, to which he quickly agreed!! I'm so glad because I stayed warm, in fact HOT, all night!!!
Daddy & Rhys camped out in front of the fire for all of one or two minutes, before they got too hot!
Then, I took over! This will be my 'hot spot' all winter long!!! My cold nature will appreciate the fires throughout this coming season!! Yay!!!
Rhys was so excited about the fire that he was hyper!!! In-my-face hyper! :)
Then, get this...my SWEET husband started a big, blazing fire for me this morning at 4:30 so that I would be warm during my morning reading/study time. He really scored some brownie points with that act of service!!! "Thank you, Honey!!!!"

Horse Ride on Halloween

We were invited to a local church's Fall Festival this passed Sunday night (in lieu of trick-or-treating). Most activities were too grown up for our little guy...he's just not ready for race cars and moon walks and other activities where I was sure he'd get trampelled by bigger kids, so when Mommy spotted the pony and horse ride, we headed straight for that!

Rhys was SO patient!! There was a LONG line, and he kept saying, "Nay-nay," reaching out for the horse and pony that were going in circles with other children on them, taking their turns. I kept telling him that he had to wait for his turn, which didn't register one little bit. :) He was so anxious and waiting to get on one of those big "nay-nay's."
When Rhys' turn came up, the HORSE (vs the pony) was available, so Daddy hoisted him up there! (Sorry for the poor quality picture!!)
Rhys got his turn!! He made a big circle on Mr. Nay-Nay, and this is the best picture that Mommy could get at the end of the ride! :) Look at that hilarious little face!!
Whew!! After all that activity...waiting, then riding...Rhys was pooped and fell asleep in the stroller on our walk back to the van. What a fun way to end a day!!

Petting Zoo Adventure

We took Rhys to the Oak Mountain Petting Zoo a few weekends ago, and it was great to let him put barnyard/farm animal names and sounds with the actual visuals!! :) While we were up in Missouri, I could hardly wait to get back to Birmingham so that we could do this with Rhys, and it was worth it!!

First, after we parked our van, this little guy came by to greet us {surely for food! :)}. Russell warned me to not 'aggravate' it because Mr. Peacock would come after me! Note taken! Leave Peacock alone! :)

I was walking behind Rhys like 'Mother Hen'...had Mr. Peacock so much as looked at Rhys the wrong way, I was ready and charged to scoop Rhys up and 'rescue' him! :)
Mr. Peacock was friendly enough...
Next, once we got through the barnyard gates, we were greeted {more like aggressively sniffed (!!!) until I went back to the van to get a quarter so that we could buy the (poor, starving - NOT really) pony some dry corn!} by this big guy {or girl???}. Rhys wasn't so sure about petting this one...
We, then, got to see some goats, cows and then these beautiful creatures, to which Rhys went running!!
Can't you hear him now..."I wanna pet 'nay-nay'!!!" Sweet boy, climbing with all his might!!!
Daddy obliged and held him up HIGH for a good view!
...then Daddy helped Rhys pet 'nay-nay.' :)
Toward the end of our time at the petting zoo, we spotted some sheep!
Again, Rhys didn't quite know what to think of these guys/girls, so he just casually checked them out, not getting too close.
Maybe I was the most excited to go to the petting zoo??? :) I just wanted our sweet man to get to put a name and animal sound with the 'real thing'!!

Now, I'm ready to visit the ZOO!!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New Baby & Children's Gift Ideas

I've gotten to make some new baby and children's gifts.

Please let me know if I can make anything for your little ones or another's!! :)

Thanksgiving & Christmas appliques are available, too!!