Monday, May 19, 2008

Grateful for the Sabbath

Gosh, I don't have any pictures for this particular post, but I just want to share that I am so grateful that God gave us a specific day to rest!

We've all heard the old saying, "Work hard, play hard, rest hard." I lived that out with intensity last week through yesterday. I try to work diligently each day at work, and then I've tried to be diligent about doing some chore(s) each day in the house. The real intensity comes in the playing and resting...

I'm training for my first triathlon! Yeah!! Now, it's a mini, but it's still a triathlon! I've been swimming, biking and running, trying to figure out my best times, so that I can have a good idea of what my realistic goal should be for this Saturday morning's race. After a week of go-go-go training and keeping up with the rest of my schedule, I hit a wall on Saturday morning, while on my bike, about 2/3's through a 20-mile bike ride. I just kept thinking to myself, "Am I really up for an afternoon of golf after this? No, but I can't let the girls down!" So, I just kept digging and climbing, finally reaching my car, loading up the bike, and a couple of hours later, I found myself standing on a golf course, re-fueled on food and caffeine. Now, this was my first golf game ever, and I and a couple of other girls planned for a 9-hole game. It took us 3.5 hours!

I was hot, exhausted, dehydrated and wanting my bed at the end of the game. Hence, gratefulness for the Sabbath. What did I do all day Sunday? REST! REST! And did I mention REST?!?! So, yeah, I'm still recovering from the intensity of last week, knowing to not push myself quite so hard this week, especially with the race this Saturday morning!

Pray that I do well, guys! That I would enJOY this fun first of what I hope will be many adventures!


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