Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Deer, It's What's for Dinner

Russell and I are not opposed to eating meat. In fact, we scarfed down some tasty elk burgers and deer chili just in the last couple of days. Russell took me to Jim N Nick's, a restaurant known for good bar-b-q, for our second date, a few years back, and when I ordered bar-b-q (MEAT!!), I passed the test for date #3 and so on!! :)

Anyway, the point is...we enjoy meat, and Russell has just taken up the very useful hobby of hunting. Useful because what he shoots, we get to eat! He went deer hunting for the first time last week with his dad, uncle and cousin. He was so excited leading up to the trip that he could hardly sit still at home! Before leaving for Louisiana, he spotted three deer in our back yard! We live in townhouses on the outskirts of CITY life, so that's rare!
Our tiny townhouse yard...So, Russell comes skipping through the house like a little boy, asking if we have some peanut butter to spare. I gave him our extra container. Next thing I know, he's outside, smearing peanut butter onto the trees in our yard...Later that afternoon, he comes home from a 'stroll' through Bass Pro Shop with a mineral rock... (see the gray rock below?)

No worries...Russell has NO intention of shooting from our back yard...only hopes of enjoying the company of our neighborhood deer.

The Thanksgiving hunt was a success! On his FIRST afternoon hunt, he got a doe, and we have a freezer FULL of deer meat to prove it! On top of that, Russell's sweet cousin's husband stocked us up with a load of elk meat, which he just recently got on his first hunting trip out to Colorado.

So, cheers to deer meat fans!! :) (Sorry if I've offended any non-meat-eating fans. I'm really just proud of my husband and thankful for the yummy meat!)

A Good Day, Indeed.

We drove out to Little Rock, Arkansas yesterday to spend some good time with a very special couple, soon to be family, Chris, Tara & Crosby Kear!

Sweet Tara has been having contractions, and their little man, Crosby, has been threatening to come 7 weeks early! Chris & Tara have been living in the hospital since last Tuesday! They've been successful at slowing down the delivery process and speeding up Crosby's development with necessary meds and lots of caring hands between the doctor and nurses on staff. They are in great hands, and Crosby has just made 34 weeks! We are celebrating and praising the Lord with them!!
Russell and one of his best friends for years...Chris, Tara, we enjoyed our visit, and we look forward to meeting Crosby 'in person' :) next time we see you guys!
Love y'all!
P.S. Chris, you have my permission to call me by my 'Chris-given' know what I'm talking about...I'm 'over' not liking it, and I miss it! Go figure! :)

Happy 10 Months!!

Happy 10 months, Rhys!!!

How is it possible that you're already 10 months old!?!? You are such a big boy, now!! Almost 22 pounds, eating lots of solids, including yogurt and just about anything we're eating from the table!! You still only have your two bottom teeth, but we know your others will come in time. You're scooting in a low-army crawl all over the place! Gone are the days when Mommy could leave you for even a second!! I turn around, and you're pulling yourself up furniture, eating anything off the floor, crawling across the room and getting in all kinds of trouble!! Oh, the entertainment you offer!! :)
You are Mommy's best little friend each day! We have fun together!! Going for walks, running errands, eating, singing, playing, reading books, listening to music and more! You still LOVE your bath time! You could play in your tub for hours!! Well, the water might get cold after an hour, but I'd willingly refill with warm water. Anything for you, sweet boy!! ;)
You still enjoy your exersaucer, the Johnny Jump Up, new block toys, and anything that lights up and makes sounds.
We praise the Lord for your presence in our lives, sweet Rhys! It's been so much fun, and Daddy and Mommy look forward to months and years to come with you!!!
We love you and wish you a happy 10 months!!
Love, Daddy & Mommy

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fun Visit with Poppa & Grandmom

Poppa & Grandmom came for a fun visit last week!Wouldn't you agree that this little man looks like he had some fun with his grandparents? Yeah, me too. :)
Poppa & Grandmom were SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sweet to come see us, especially considering we'll be traveling their way in less than a month for Thanksgiving! We enjoyed the visit...lots of Joker, yummy foods, good visiting, fun play time with Rhys, and they kept Rhys one evening so that Russell and I could have a sweet date night!

Thank you, Poppa & Grandmom, and Happy Anniversary!!! :)