Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Recent Activities...

Rhys & Caleb, praise the Lord, are wonderful playmates! Big brother looks after little brother {for the most part :)}, and little brother learns from big brother {most times, a good thing :)}. Their personalities are so very different, yet they compliment one another so perfectly. It's truly inspiring to watch them interact, knowing that God has great purposes in their brotherhood. Rhys is very tender, compassionate and empathetic toward Caleb, genuinely looking after him, to make sure little brother is okay. Caleb takes rough and tumble to a new level...a new {typically "goose-egg"} bruise on his forehead just about every week. {Keep up with our pics for a short time, and you'll see what I'm talking about!} Rhys is his 'brother's keeper.' :)

Here are some sweet memories we 'caught' from the last month:

At Caleb's 18-month check-up, the boys played and had a little cracker picnic in the waiting room. We NEVER go to the doctor without snacks and toys {for Mommy's sake :)}!!
A visit to play at our local library...
Rhys enJOYs playing with play-doh! Caleb's not allowed yet...poor guy...I get tired of saying, "No, no, Caleb. Not in your mouth." :)
Both boys enjoy coloring with markers...
And Rhys has really gotten really GOOD at staying in between the lines!
Lots of sweet playing together...Rhys likes to sneak kisses onto Caleb when he can catch him!
Some fun with chalk...
And the boys just got a new set of bunk beds!
Rhys sleeps on the lower bunk, and since Caleb still sleeps in a crib, they use the top bunk {with parental supervision :)} as a play area for their car mat and cars. Rhys is great at climbing the ladder, and I know it's only a matter of time for Caleb, our fearless one, to perfect that feat! {Yikes! :)}
And when all else fails indoors, and God blesses us with sunshine and dry weather {Hooray for this mild winter!!!}, we go outside to play! Lots of times, we end up in Daddy's truck bed with random toys. :)
Rhys and Caleb are in a sweet new season where they really play well together. I am SO thankful!! God has blessed us with some precious little boys, and we continue to ENJOY our days and nights with them! "Thank YOU, Lord!!"

Monday, March 12, 2012

Rhys: 3-year-old Update

Rhys is changing so much! I need to be posting more of our sweet memories!!

Recently, he corrected me when I asked him a question, addressing him endearingly as "Baby." His response: "Mommy, Rhys is a boy (his emphasis :)). Rhys not a baby anymore." (my thought process: "Wow! That was excellent communicating! "Thank You, Lord!" Although a sad truth that my baby is growing up so FAST!) I'm encouraged to eat this time up with him! Thankfully, he is my cuddle bug, so I get LOTS of cuddling morning, day and night with this sweet boy. "Thank You, Lord!!!"

Here are some recent pictures...
Talking to Aunt Tami on the phone. When a child is able to independently talk on the phone, he/she is SO grown up in my eyes! (sigh)

My big boy on the swing! He enjoys swinging higher and HIGHER and HIGHER!!!! He's definitely got a touch (or more!! :)) of silliness, curiosity and explorer in him!
See? Curious and our little explorer! Ready to 'take a nap' (his words) on his desk. It's hard to not laugh when I'm supposed to be correcting. :)
Rhys went on his first overnight camping trip last month! We praise the LORD for keeping him warm on a very cold (lows down to 32 degrees) night/morning! Rhys is very cold-natured, so we were concerned he'd not like it and not want to go camping again.
He got to go with Daddy and Uncle Ryan, Rollins & Christian. They had a GREAT time, and Rhys is waiting for the next camping trip!!
Rhys is an easy, pleasant boy. He has a heart of compassion and empathy for others. If something happens to Caleb, Daddy or to myself, he stops what he's doing, asks if we're okay and proceeds to come with a hug, kiss and pat on the back to reassure us, saying, "You are okay." He is PRECIOUS!

Rhys is very much a creature of habit!! He definitely comes by this honestly!! Both Daddy and Mommy are set in our ways! :) To a fault! It really is cute to watch Rhys throughout the far, I'm certain that physical touch is his primary love language. He wants to sit in MOMMY's lap first thing in the morning and get that physical contact and cuddling before he can even think about moving forward with the day. Next, he wants to be changed from his "night-time underwear" immediately! Thankfully, once he's up, he realizes he's wet and wants dry big-boy underwear on! Next, he wants oatmeal for breakfast...ridiculous, I know, but he still likes {more like requires, and I graciously cave!} for Mommy to feed him his oatmeal. Every other meal he is an independent eater, but breakfast has to be catered in every way by Mommy. :) I actually enjoy that quality time with him, especially realizing how much he truly needs that quality attention in order to fill his emotional tank. When he comes to me to be held, I truly praise the Lord because I need that sweet bonding time with him, too!

Rhys LOVES LOVES LOVES preschool!!!! He goes two mornings per week, four hours at a time, and he looks forward to going! I am so thankful for his delight in school, his teachers, his classmates, etc!!! I praise the Lord for His constant confirmation each week as we take our big man to school and pick him up! He is truly fed there - spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, etc!

I would say that Rhys' very favorite outdoor activity is riding on his 4-wheeler! I must say that I'm quite impressed with his steering skill! Both driving forward and backward! I think he will make my parallel parking and reverse driving skills look pitiful once he's behind real wheels, but I'm not ready to think any more on that. He's already growing up too fast, and he's only 3!!!

Indoors, Rhys enjoys water color painting, coloring with markers and playing with play-doh. I bought water colors for him last week, and when he saw them, he said, "I need water!!" I was looking for instructions to make sure how to add water...use a cup of water? add a drop to each paint color? Well, there were no instructions, but Rhys knew what to do from school and Sunday school! My smart 3-year-old taught me!!! I LOVE it!!!

One thing Rhys has done all of his life is organize! Especially his toys! Cars, trucks, etc. I just have to make mention of that because it reveals a big part of his personality. He truly is his daddy up one side and down the other! It's neat to watch Rhys live life and see so much of Daddy in him! I'm so thankful!! He's a good kid, and we certainly pray constantly that God would continue to develop and refine him to be the man He wants Rhys to be!

One final current tid-bit on Rhys...since he's so cold-natured, he prefers long-sleeved shirts and long pants. Last week, when the weather was in the upper 70's, I put a short-sleeved shirt and shorts on him (after all the Fall and winter months in long sleeves and long pants, right?), and he literally pulled at the shirt sleeves, wondering why they were so short! He fussed and fussed! He could not stand wearing either! Something was just MISSING in his little mind! So, back to long sleeves and long pants we went! I love that boy!!! Young minds think SO very differently!!! It's so sweet!!!

What in the world was life like without this precious child just over 3 years ago? Well, he is one of my spices of life! He gets better and better with age! :) More fun, too! :) God has blessed MY days with Rhys! In every way! I am thankful beyond knowing how to verbalize my thankfulness! Praise be to HIM!