Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Father's Day 2011

Russell LOVED his Father's Day gift this year!!! The boys and I did well! :) Yay!!!

I believe this will be our new Father's Day tradition each year (per Daddy's request)...
Pictures taken by my very own friend! :) Thanks, again, girl!

Four Boys & A Tractor Out Front...

Pool Time!!

Summer time has always meant POOL TIME in my family, and, thankfully, my parents have a fun pool that they LOVE for us to use! So, Rhys just might learn how to swim this summer! We'll see!

He's sportin' his new suit...Hopefully, this will help ease him into pool independence!
He LOVED swimming and playing with Daddy!
Can you tell? :)
Caleb hung out with my mom (where I always was growing up...very much a lap baby! :)) and seemed to enjoy the water, too. I look forward to putting him in a float next time we're there. I think he'll be content whatever we do with him! :)
And my dad got some sugar :) from Caleb after we all had a yummy dinner!
Looking forward to more fun pool time soon!

Caleb - 10 months

Caleb, You are the most easy-going baby I think I've ever been around. I'm so thankful. You just go with the flow, which is such a help! You babble some these days; I look forward to hearing your first word! Your all-time FAVORITE activity is BATH time with big brother! The more bubbles the merrier! You are pulling yourself up to standing. One funny thing is that you'll roll over on to your tummy, but you won't (or can't?) roll back over to your back. So, you'll cry in the middle of the night for Mommy or Daddy to come roll you back onto your back if you get 'stuck' on your tummy! :) We don't mind because we know it's only temporary!!

You weigh about 22 lbs these days, and you have a good, healthy appetite for your bottles and food! You still only have two bottom teeth, so I'm still giving you baby food, but I know you're eyeing all of our sandwiches and other meals, ready to chomp your gums into them! Currently, your mouth is running like a faucet, so I'm certain some top teeth are on their way in! Yay!!

Here are some sweet pictures of you, sweet Caleb, living life with us crazies! Whew!
You LOVE to swing, and you have NO fear of going high! The higher the more giggles we get out of you! :)
You're getting SO interested in cars, trucks and four-wheelers, and you're getting so coordinated! You balance yourself so well on the big trucks!
I LOVE your precious face! Can you just smile for Mommy forever, please!???!!??
And here's a little plug in for our upcoming 4th of July!! This outfit was given to Rhys by Miss Ashley last 4th of July, when we were living in Missouri. He was 18 months, and you're wearing it at 10 months! It's has a monster truck on it and says, "Red, White & Vroom." VERY BOY! :) ("Thank you, Ashley!")
Caleb, you are such a delight! You'll sit for hours and play by yourself, you'll let anyone hold and love on you, and you are always so content! I am thankful! We love you and wish you a very happy 10 months of life!!!
Mommy & Daddy