Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Welcome to our new & happy home!!!
Here's a quick tour, room by room...
 Dining room...
Living Area...
 Another view of the living area...
 Boys' room (currently Rhys' room, until we transition the boys to sharing a room in about 6 months)...

Nursery (currently Caleb's room, until #3 makes his/her arrival in December!)...

Childrens' bathroom...

 Leading from dining room into the kitchen...
 (stove/oven side)
 (sink side)
 Utility room...
 My little desk/nook, opposite washer/dryer in utility room...
 Leading to Russell's office/our guest suite (close-in, finished 2-car garage)...
Guest bathroom... 

Guest shower...

Guest whirlpool tub (the previous owner went all out for our guests! ;))...
 Russell's office half of the Guest Room 
 Guest bed half...
 Master bedroom...
 Opposite view of master bedroom - includes my sewing table! :) I think I'll be motivated to start sewing again within weeks! Once we find out the gender of this baby!! :)
 Master bathroom... (yes, our very own whirlpool tub!! I've used it lots and lots already!! :))
 Master Shower...
 Master Vanity...
 Master closet...
 (definitely the BIGGEST closet we've ever had!! :))

We are THANKFUL from our toes to the tops of our heads :) for this new house we can now call home! It's in a wonderful walking neighborhood, perfect for me! It's nestled in a sweet cul-de-sac, which we think will be great for the kiddos as they grow and get to know other kiddos nearby. It's less than five minutes from church and preschool, which we SO appreciate, and it's in a great school system for years' to come! I was brought to tear last week, praising the Lord for how easy and enjoyable and convenient life is! I will not forget to praise HIM in all of this!!!

I will remember the deeds of the Lord;
    yes, I will remember your miracles of long ago.
I will consider all your works
    and meditate on all your mighty deeds.”
Psalm 77:11-12

We praise the Lord every day, throughout our days for this HUGE "new" in our lives!! 

Well, that's a quick tour! When are you comin' for a visit? :)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Happy Birthday & Happy Fathers' Day Weekend!!!

This was a very special and FUN weekend!!! Pappa & Grandmom came to visit, and we got to celebrate Pappa's birthday and Father's Day with both Pappa & Daddy. :)

Our weekend of fun started Friday night with a late-evening visit (those are always the best times to catch up!). Saturday morning, we had a yummy feast of cinnamon rolls, scrambled eggs, sausage and mixed fruit. For lunch, we celebrated Pappa's birthday over yummy hamburgers just off the grill, potato salad, cole slaw & chips, followed by the most delicious strawberry trifle!!! Grandmom is truly amazing in the kitchen. She can 'whip up' anything we ask for! She whipped this dessert up in a matter of minutes, and we enjoyed every bite! YUM!!! "Thank you, Grandmom, for sharing this delicious dessert with us, and, thank you, Pappa, for choosing it!!" :) (I do look forward to having it again, Grandmom!!!)
 Saturday afternoon, Pappa drove us out to our local Tractor Supply Company, which was FUN for the boys! They played with toy tractors for 15 or so minutes, he bought each of them one, then Pappa spoiled us {on HIS birthday!!} to dinner at Lone Star! The men were craving steaks! :) Russell let our waitress know that we were celebrating Pappa's birthday, and a few minutes later, she and four or five other waitresses came back, clapping and singing "Happy Birthday" and presented him with a beautiful hot fudge brownie sundae dessert! It was YUMMY!!!! So, we definitely had our FILL of food that day! Whew! We ended a lovely day with two wonderful hours of our favorite game, Joker! I'm having Joker withdrawals right now!!

Grandmom really got some good time to bond with these guys over the weekend, and they were all over her in no time!
 Pappa & Daddy enjoyed some miniature clay shooting with a pellet rifle over the weekend...

 the clay targets...
What a WONDERFUL weekend, filled with lots of fun, laughter, yummy foods and great people!!!
Rhys has already said, "Pappa needs to stay at my house." It's definitely exciting around here when Pappa & Grandmom are here! 
"Thank you, Pappa & Grandmom, for coming, and pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease come again SOOOOOOOON!!!
Love, ALL of us!!! 

Happy Father's Day to my children's WONDERFUL daddy and my very best friend in the world (and in my very biased opinion, the very best daddy in the world)!!!

Happy Fathers Day to all daddy's out there!! :)


The boys' current favorite pastime...and you have to watch long enough to hear the sweet giggles!! :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Caleb: 22 Months

Caleb!!! Our daring and determined little guy! Perfectly named! {Side story: He was supposed to be named "Wesley" until he was 19 weeks old IN my tummy, when Russell came home from a military-conference weekend away, and said, "Honey, if this child is a boy, I believe God has shown me over the weekend that his name is to be Caleb."} Thus Caleb's name and if you've studied about Caleb from the Bible, you know that he was a rough and determined man, which perfectly describes our little guy! I pray constantly that the Lord will turn our Caleb's determination to HIS glory, causing Caleb to live for Him alone!!!! What an amazing determination that will be! Amen!!!

Okay, so back to our Caleb :)... Since we've moved, if he's 'missing' from our immediate presence and things have gotten quiet in the house :), we can bank on finding him in Mommy and Daddy's bathroom, lining up our little toiletry bottles alongside the bathtub! :) He like to carry them around the house, too. Such a funny boy!
 He LOVES to take Mommy & Daddy's cup of anything! (lemonade, water, etc.), drink whatever is left, eat and play with the ice and ask for "More. More. More." :) At least he's staying well hydrated!
 He likes to wear hats! And what a cute head he has to wear them! "Caleb, you are SO darn CUTE!" :)
 And Caleb will not have any phone or dating privileges either once he becomes a teen! He will be on lock-down at home to protect him because of those gorgeous blue eyes and that beautiful face and smile! Okay, okay, well, I'll let him leave the house under strict parental supervision...on occasion! :) Oh, what are all of us parents going to do when our good-looking kiddos grow up and want to date?!??! We'll face that one with a lot of prayer and parental support, right, parents??? :)
Oh, Caleb, you are so precious, and you have my heart wrapped around your little finger (Rhys does, too, I'm afraid!). I am so excited to watch you grow and develop into the strong, determined little fellow that God has designed you to be! You are so FUN to be with and to watch! You'll start laughing at Rhys' funny little antics and you can't stop giggling! It's so cute and sweet! You call your lovie, "Beebee"....makes my heart melt when you say it. I LOVE that you are talking and using more words!!! I know you'll start talking even more now that you're going to school!!! And, lastly, I do want to tell you that I am SO THANKFUL that God has blessed our prayers toward transitioning you from all the lovies (you've gone through 8!) that you sucked on and soured, to a stuffed bunny. :) Such a little thing, but it's HUGE progress, my son! You went a few days and nights where you couldn't sleep soundly, but by God's grace, you've made the hump, and you're content with your new lovie/bunny, which you thankfully do not suck on...please do NOT attempt to suck on it or I will take it away! ;)

Son, you are a gift from our Lord, and I pray that you, too, will choose to live for our Lord!! That, indeed, is the only life worth living, and I pray that you see that through my and Daddy's lives (and mistakes!). God is our Father, our Protector, our reason for living, so I shall continue to pray that you 'get' this truth and live it out soon!!!

I love you, Caleb!!!
Love, Mommy!

Rhys: 3 Yrs, 5 mo

This is our big man!!! He really is growing up so fast!! I LOVE it, but I want to enjoy each and every minute I get with him!! He's napping right now, and I miss him!!! He's just so SWEET, so thoughtful, so inquisitive, so curious, so SMART!! He's a great source of accountability!! Wow! :) And he's such a compassionate, tender-hearted young man, out to please his mama and daddy in all that he does (well, mostly all! :)), and such a thoughtful and caring big brother for Caleb and already for coming baby. God has blessed my heart tremendously in allowing me to be this guy's mommy!!!

When we moved, we needed to upgrade to a larger washer and dryer (which we LOVE!!!), and he likes to sit on the top of the washing machine and watch it fill up with water and spin the clothes around...makes my head spin to watch, but I stand close by in case he gets dizzy (like I would!) and falls off! :) He's just a curious one, who likes to watch and learn!!
A new favorite is catching lizards!! (I used to be able to do this, but I don't want to touch those things anymore...yucky!!) Rhys is brave and very quick to be able to catch those little lizards!
(eeeeeeek! Glad he doesn't get all weirded out like his mama!!)
We've started going to the pool, so I got the boys some puddle jumpers (I had NO idea what a 'puddle jumper' was until a friend recommended them, and they are GREAT...it's the green floating device he's wearing below :)). Rhys was so excited about it the day we bought it that he wore it all over the yard and house, playing for hours (yes, even on his 4-wheeler)! Maybe he didn't realize (at that point) it was only supposed to be worn in water! :) 
My Rhys for ya!
This picture makes him look so grown up! So big on that 4-wheeler!
And this smile makes my heart just MELT!!!! Man, he's not going to be allowed any phone privileges, much less dating when he becomes a teenager! ;) Maybe it's just because I'm his Mama, but he is such a handsome young man in my eyes!!! "Rhys, you are growing up too fast for me!!! Love you!!!"
And another FAVORITE that Rhys LOVES!!!! A bath in Mommy & Daddy's whirlpool tub! He is his mama's son! I'll put my bathing suit on, and we'll sit and play in there together for a fun, relaxing time!
Rhys, you are SO much FUN!!! I LOVE to hang out with you! You are EASY! So eager to please Mommy & Daddy and take care of everyone! God has blessed you with such a sweet, caring heart for others, and I am so thankful!! I may have to put some books on your head to make you stop growing up :) so that I can continue to enjoy this precious stage of your life...not really, son...that would not keep you from growing! I do praise the Lord for you! You are my favorite Rhys in the whole wide world!! :) I pray that you will continue to grow in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man (Luke 2:52) and that you will seek the LORD with ALL your heart, mind, body and soul!!! Live for HIM, big man, and you will live indeed!!! 

I love you!!
Love, Mommy

NEW's in our lives...

Well, we've been MIA long enough, I suppose, from the blogging world! A two-month break has been good, although I have missed 'journaling' our updates, if for no one else than for ourselves!! LOTS has been going on in the Wright world, for which we PRAISE the LORD and are truly delighting in the "new's" of our "now." 
One "new" in our lives is that we've MOVED!!! Yay!!! So, about two months ago, I was doing this....
while my precious youngens were doing this... :) Such delightful little helpers!! It was a LOT of work with two toddlers on hand, but God gave me the grace and energy and everything I needed to get started boxing up the old house! 
I haven't mentioned Russell in all the help of moving because he started a new job that requires LOTS of travel, especially that first month!! Including a week to Germany!! Wow!! So Russell's new job is another "new" in our lives, for which we are jumping up and down :) with praise and shouts of thanksgiving!!! He LOVES what he is doing, and he does enjoy the travel, too. :) We are all excited for him and for us in this new adventure!
Here's the new house! Looks cozy, huh? :) Well, it's actually come a long way! (hoping to post pics soon!)
One of the first projects Russell was able to accomplish before traveling took over :) was building a pallet to hold our yard shed and installing the shed! He did GREAT!!!
And, of course, Rhys jumped in on the action to help!! :)
Our sweet Rhys finished up one year of 'school' (school party below :)), and he and little brother just started summer school!!! I'm so excited for some time to 'nest' in our new house and home while they are having a wonderful time at school!!! It's AMAZING how much I can accomplish in 5 hours!!!! Then, they come home and nap for 2 or more hours! :) Two days like that per week will be great for all of us!! Yay!!! I am thankful for that 'new' in our lives, where BOTH boys are in school!! (Oh, and this is why I'm able to jump back into the blogging world! I have TIME to myself to organize and journal our lives, yet again, in pictures and words!! Yay!! :))
And the next big 'new' in our lives is definitely another PRAISE!!!
Here is the 9 week ultrasound pic... (so sweet!! laying on his/her :) back with the arm and foot buds upward)
We are 12.5 weeks along. I feel well. I've been nauseated this time, thankfully not to the point of throwing up, but this has been an all-new experience for me. I remember being tired during the first trimester both times before, and I am tired this time, but that yucky, nauseating feeling is new and definitely not fun. Nowadays, it hits me in the afternoons, and I just feel 'yucky' all afternoon/evening. Thankfully, I feel well in the mornings and until about 4:00pm. Hopefully, this will pass as I enter the second trimester. :)

One thing different this go around, too, is my food cravings and aversions!!! Man! When I want something, I WANT it!!!! I have craved Sonic's supersonic breakfast burrito and tater tots many times! :) McDonald's chicken nuggets and sounthwest grilled chicken salad MANY times!! Captain D's :) several times!!! I want things FRIED!!! :) Oh, and french fries are pictured in a cloud over my head ALL the time! I dream of double-battered french fries!! Ha!! Needless to say, I'm enjoying all this UNhealthy eating right now FOR the baby, right? ;) He/she is demanding it, so I must oblige! And as far as aversions, I want basically NOTHING from our kitchen! :) I haven't cooked in over a month (my poor family, and our poor budget!) because I don't want to handle or prepare food, especially raw meats. I am hoping this will change SOON!!! :) I think my family's hoping for that change, too! It truly is amazing how different pregnancies can be!! Whew!

I think that about sums up the 'new' things of our lives during this season! It's been fun to embrace it all, and we do praise the Lord for the waterfall of blessings and change in our lives! I look forward to sharing more as we continue in this adventure of life that He allows us to live! :)