Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sweet-And-Sassy, Anyone???

Many of you probably have no clue what I do as far as work each day, so here's an opportunity to share!

I 'manage' the accounts receivable and accounts payable for Infomedia, a web-development company, based out of Birmingham, AL. In layman's terms, I make sure Infomedia gets paid by its many customers and that Infomedia pays all of its vendors in a timely fashion. I enJOY what I do because I 'get it.' I also praise the Lord for the job, as well as praise Him for the people with whom I get to work...even when some co-workers decide to bring their 'mood' with them to work! ;) Truly, the job is such a luxury, and, most importantly, the staff is encouraged to see God glorified and present in the business, in the production all of it, and we genuinely seek to give all glory to Him. It's high-caliber!

Our customers are great, too! They appreciate our hard work in creating their web sites from start to finish. This includes design & graphics, programming, constant communication with the client and launching the site as soon as possible. Our goal is to launch a site within 4 to 6 weeks from start, and God has given us a great team to get this done!

One of our very kind customers, SAS Cupcakes (aka. Sweet-and-Sassy Cupcakes), is ecstatic with the site we've just completed for them! Their business is so cool! Got an intense sweet tooth? Or perhaps a special occasion coming up? Order some gorgeous & delicious cupcakes! That's right! They ship them to you! SAS was so pleased with their site that they treated Infomedia with two dozen richly flavored and decorated cupcakes, which are really like mini-CAKES! One is too much! :) Check out some of the flavors!!

Click on each for pics! Try not to drool on your keyboard! :)
Bananas Foster
Chocolate Chip Mint
White Chocolate
Triple Chocolate
Red Velvet
Chocolate Amaretto
Cinnamon Toast
Peanut Butter
Chocolate Chip
Frangelico Hazelnut
Kahlua Mocha
Bailey's Irish Cream
White Chocolate Pretzel

Here are pictures of what they shipped us!Couldn't you just reach out and grab one?!?!
They were gone in no time flat!!!
Highly recommended!! ;)
"Thanks for the cupcake delivery, SAS!!"


Anonymous said...

Love those SAS Cupcakes! They Rock!

Pelagia said...

You write very well.