Monday, May 23, 2011

A Day at the Park

Thank you, friend, for some really beautiful, unexpected photography! I love the 'realness'...not having to get all dressed up! Just getting to be us! That is us!! :)

Spoiled Rotten!

We're here! Having more fun with Aunt Tami! She's spoiling us! Me! :) We {I!!!} are thankful!!!

We've been...
Blowing LOTS of bubbles outside... {How can you turn down a sweet two year old's plea for 'bubba? bubba? bubba?' :)}
Building fun shapes with FUN BLOCKS (thanks, Ashley!! :))!! These have been a HIT for both boys!
Lots of playtime outside before it gets too hot...
Me and my boys!! Rhys & Caleb really do enjoy each other, which makes my heart smile! {I've been excitedly anticipating the time when they would be interacting and playing together, and it is starting now!!! "Yay, Lord!! Thank You!! It is FUN!"}
More building.... :)
Here, sweet Rhys is trying to put poor Zeke's collar on his own neck. :) Mommy quickly came to the rescue and put it back on Zeke!
And this morning, while Daddy & I took Caleb to have his tubes put in, sweet Aunt Tami took Rhys for a day trip to the Galleria to ride all of these fun things...
Below, a blue train...
An ice cream truck...
And my favorite...the police trike! :) {Rhys' favorite, too, according to Aunt Tami :)}
Life has been nothing short of FUN this last week, and I anticipate more fun this week! :)

"Thank you for loving on us, Aunt Tami!"

Caleb - 9 months

Happy-happy 9 months and growing, sweet Caleb!!!!
(Ashley, thank you for the picture!!!)
Son, soooo much is happening in your sweet life right now! Mommy is having a hard time keeping up! :)
-you have your first tooth! (bottom left) Daddy saw it first!! ;)
-you are sitting all by yourself; great posture, too!
-you are standing!!! You just started standing overnight! It's so fun!!! You need support, for now, but I'm sure you'll be standing on your own in no time!
-you are drinking from a sippy cup! I just need to help you learn to hold it yourself...maybe that can be a good challenge for us for this month!
-you LOVE to clap your hands {with a big ole smile on your face!! :)}!!!
-you enjoy JUMPING in your Johnny Jump Up or in our laps! :) Those legs are "goin' to town"!
-you have the most contagious smile and laugh! Always smiling and laughing, which makes Mommy so happy!
-you weigh 21 lbs 12 oz...50th percentile
-your height is 28.25 inches...50th percentile
-your head circumference is 18.25 inches...75th percentile
-you are interacting with big brother with lots of laughs and sharing toys; with Mommy and Daddy with LOTS of slobbery kisses and laughs, and you are enJOYing your Aunt Tami's fun visit with us! She's been a huge help in encouraging your STANDING!!! You can blame her when you're pooped for naps and bedtime! ;) Ha!! It's a good thing!!
-Oh! You're learning how to play with some fun toys, enjoying anything that makes sounds and lights up!
The last three months have been really rough for you (and Mommy!), sweet boy! You've basically had an ongoing ear infection...single or double, depending on the week! We've been to the pediatrician's office just about EVERY week for the past three months with you, and they've gotten to know us on a first name basis! Ha! You've been on antibiotic after antibiotic, poor guy...your body just stopped responding to them.

Well, no more, Lord willing!! You got tubes this morning! That's right! Daddy & Mommy loaded you up early-early, took you to the hospital, and you have what Mommy's been ready for you to have for weeks!! Tubes! Lord willing, you will not have any more ear infections, you'll feel better and better, and Mommy will be much more light hearted {ie, not worrying} about your sweet ears! I PRAISE-PRAISE-PRAISE our Lord for allowing for everything to go so smoothly this morning, and you are already showing signs of recovery and feeling better!! YOU are a BRAVE, STRONG patient!!! YAY!!!

Praise the Lord, O my soul!!! I praise You, Father!! My heart is rejoicing and singing to YOU!

Happy 9 months, sweet boy!
XOXOXO Daddy & Mommy

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rhys' First Train Ride

This little movie is precious to me, and I know that his grandparents and other family would enjoy seeing the excitement and joy in Rhys' eyes and facial expression during his first train ride...

"Great clip, Tami! Thank you!!" :)

A Date with Aunt Tami

My big man had his first date today!! :) Sweet Aunt Tami treated him to a very special, FUN day at the Birmingham Zoo! She was so good to capture lots of good moments for Mommy to enjoy and for him to remember!

First stop...of course, a good sit on the tractor! :) Tami narrates, "He kept saying, 'Pink tractor,' because it's a faded red color." :) It's fun to learn how children think!!!
Next stop, the goats!
Next, they fed some fish and turtles...Rhys got a kick out of watching the fish come up for the food.
Then, the "looooong neck giraffes," as Rhys calls them. :)
{Great photography, Tami!!}
Evidently, Rhys found a seat here :) and wouldn't get up for a while. Surely resting from a long morning of walking and likely enamored by something in front of him. :) Love that child.
Then, the "Zeeeebraaa."
Some handsome lions...
Tigers... {again, some great pictures!!}
And I just love that my child ate his lunch! :) Doesn't every mom out there want her child to eat well? Get his/her protein? So, of course, I packed a pb & j, and Aunt Tami was sure to give him that before any other snacks! {Thanks, girl!! :) You're speakin' to my love language as you take such good care of my boys! ;)}
Oh, and perhaps the highlight...the TRAIN RIDE!!!! My man looks so happy there!! I can just hear him saying, "Choo choo train! Choo choo train! Choo choo train!" :)
According to Aunt Tami, this was Rhys' favorite...the peacock!
He watched the pink flamingos for about 20 minutes...just takin' it all in, I guess. :)
Finally, the Lorikeet Birds...and I'm excited that Rhys wasn't too scared to get so close! "Yay, Rhys!!!"
What a perfect first date! ;) Now, Rhys is napping nice and long!! Can't wait to see what's in store next for us while Aunt Tami's here with us!!

Fast-Paced Fun...

Life has been fast-paced around here, and I have a hard time doing more than just keep up!

Rhys is 2 years and 4 months and lovin' life! He's my 'main man' every day! He keeps me on my toes, on the go and flat worn out! I love every little ounce of him!!!
These boys 'mark' T-R-O-U-B-L-E! Nah, they're really sweet and really good brothers. It's fun to get to spend my days with them. Bath time is an activity around our home. :)
One afternoon last week, the weather was warm but with a nice breeze, so we had a nice family evening out on the deck...even pulled the rugs out for some comfort underfoot. :)
Caleb took Rhys' juice, and he's enjoying every chance we give him with a sippy cup, now!
Even with all the miserable ear infections this guy has had (and still has as I type :( ), he is such a happy, content little man! Always smiling! I'm thankful - thankful!
We had a nice visit with one of our sweet friends last week. Of course, Rhys was totally flirting with Natalie :)!!! Thanks for coming to visit, sweet friend!
Then, Aunt Tami came!!!! These boys LOVE their Aunt Tami, and their Mama does, too!!! She's such a JOY to have here {and Mommy must mention the HELP she really does offer!!!}!!!
Aunt Tami and Rhys can get into just about anything!! :) It's such a pleasure to have the company {and, again, the help!!!} these days!!! "Thanks for being here, Tami!!!" :)
And the tale does not end here... :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Catching Up...

The start of our Spring...

Rhys has made good use of our fire pit...
He'll stay in that position for at least 30 minutes at a time...oh, to be young again...and be able to squat like that for that long and be able to get up! :) While on that note, what I would GIVE for some of this precious child's energy!!! I could actually clean the house AND have dinner on the table! Oh well, I'm thankful that my family pours out grace toward me!!
Sweet Caleb...In less than three months, he's had a single ear infection that took two rounds of antibiotics to heal, then two double ear infections, along with a couple of viruses. We're looking into tubes. He is so sweet through all of his discomfort and all the meds. Poor little fella... (actually, he's not that little...This week he hit 21 lbs.)
He's mastered sitting; he's moving on to learn how to crawl...
We've had some good visits with my family...
We call my dad "Baba," my mom "Mama Nili" (my maiden name is Nilipour) and my sister "Aunt Rye" (that's Rhys' version of "Aunt Soraya").
And I got to take the boys over to my parents' house for dinner and a good visit one evening. This picture turned out great with my dad and Caleb.
Grandmom & Pappa came for a good visit over Easter weekend and brought us this fun pool!
Caleb watched Rhys splish-splash from the exersaucer...
and activity mat...
Then, Daddy let him have a try...
Pappa LOVES his boys!!!
Grandmom does too!! :)
And, just for fun...
Rhys LOVES his chocolate ice cream!! :) When he finishes, the first and ONLY word that comes out of his mouth - NONstop - is "More. More. More. More..." :) to which I say, "All done." :) Am I mean, or what!?!? :)