Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy Birthday, Lauren!

Yesterday was Lauren Brooks' birthday!! So, her husband, Joel, presented her with an Elvis Presley pinata full of candy. Fun! After worship, we all gathered on the porch and in the yard for the challenge of who would bust open Elvis! Joel called out any willing young ladies, and we had fun watching some of us girls blindly bat poor Elvis so we could get to Lauren's birthday candy and chocolates.

Joel spins each of us around, we close our eyes, and to the pinata we bat!

Lauren, the birthday girl, and one week overdue with their third little girl, I should add, gets to go first! She's a trooper! Well, no candy.

Caroline's turn!! No candy.
My turn! Nope. No candy. Connie goes for the gold! Still, no candy.
Jenn spins and swings, and, yes, we have a headless Elvis! Way to go, Jenn! about taking your frustrations out on someone!! :) I'm glad I'm Jenn's friend. Heehee.

It was a fun night! I hope Lauren enjoyed it. Great news!! Lauren's being induced tomorrow! So, we should have a Georgia Jane Brooks joining the Brooks' family and the Redeemer family real soon! We're all praying and very excited!!

Love you guys!

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Dana and Chris Sheheane said...

I LOVE reading your blog shireen! I have so enjoyed reading your precious notes to me and it's really so amazing to be able to keep up with one another this way. I miss you, but am so thrilled you have joined Lauren and Joel. I know it will be amazing for those involved in Redeemer and those who who will minister to and share with. Love in Christ, Dana