Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Brothers {a Four-Month Stats Comparison}

Caleb is looking more and more like Rhys, so I wanted to post a comparison on the boys...

At four months, Caleb's stats:
weight: 15lbs 6.5oz
height: 25.5 inches
head circumference: 16.5 inches
Looking back at Rhys' stats when he was four months old:
weight: 14 lbs
height: 24 inches
head circumference: 16 inches
They just look SO much alike!! :) Except for the eye colors. Both boys are perfectly made, and we praise the Lord that they are both doing so well in development and health, etc. This was just a fun little post for perhaps my own curiosity! :) It's just fun to watch the boys grow!

I praise YOU, O Lord, for these boys and ask that you continue to guide Russell's and my steps as we parent them and their steps so that they come to know you as early as You will allow. This is our prayer. Amen.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Happy {very belated} 22 Months Rhys

I got so wrapped up in our family Thanksgiving that I missed Rhys' 22-month post! So, here's a quick one...

Rhys is still VERY much into tractors, trucks, Jeeps, cars, anything with wheels...especially if they make lots of NOISE! :) If you need a smile - perhaps even a laugh :) - watch this short video! Rhys has some super smooth moves! ;) {Takes after his daddy, for sure!}

Rhys has been enjoying waffles for breakfast {and sometimes for dinner}, and Zeke sits there waiting/begging for a bite! We don't allow it, but Rhys sometimes sneaks it into Zeke's diet. Russell and I are the ones who suffer the consequence!!! When that dog 'toots,' which is VERY likely when he gets any human food(!!!), there's a HUGE GRAY CLOUD hovering in the room, and our eyes literally start's BAD! :) {TMI? :)} So, when I see Rhys so much as considering sharing his food with Zeke, I almost SCREAM, "NO!!!" Trust me, you would, too! It gets BAD around here!! WHEW!!!
And this is cute...we have a screen for the fireplace that Rhys likes to open and close and walk in and out of...he entertains himself doing that for a good while. :)
Happy belated 22 months, sweet Rhys! We love you so much and enJOY watching you learn so much as you grow!! Daddy and I are so thankful for you, and you are a wonderful big brother to Caleb!! You could be a little more gentle with Zeke :), but that'll come with age and learning.


Happy 4 Months, Caleb!!

Caleb is already four months old...time is flying by!!
We've been trying out some new activities...the johnny jump up...
(his eyes are still blue!)
...the exersaucer...
...and rice cereal, his first solid!!!! Yay!!!
Caleb has his 4-month check up this Wednesday, so I'm interested in finding out how much he weighs and how much he's grown! In the meantime, he's doing great! He's transitioning to 5 feedings a day (from 6), two long naps and one short one, sleeps from 7p to 6a with a 9p feeding. He's on the verge of rolling over. He's outgrowing his Miracle Blanket/swaddle, so we'll have to transition him into his sleep sack soon, which I hope is a smooth transition!! I just hope his 'flailing arms' don't awaken him once he's no longer swaddled.
He sweetly coo's and smiles SO much, which is such a treat for Mommy!! He's really easy, and we are thankful!! Such a sweet boy! I'm really enjoying this phase of his life, and I really canNOT believe he's already 4 months! WOW!!!
Happy FOUR months, sweet Caleb!!! Daddy & Mommy are SO very thankful and praise our Lord for you! Life is so fulfilling as we get to parent you and your brother! Love you!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

Visit w/Papa & Grandmom

This passed week, Russell's parents visited. We got to celebrate Claudia's birthday..."Happy Birthday, again, Claudia!!" :)
Grandmom got to spend LOTS of good, quality time with the boys...
Papa did, too!
And I think the heat of the fireplace might have gotten to Russell's head one night {Ha!!}...he got to dancin' with Rhys, and I caught some hilarious pictures of their 'dance.' :) This is only one of several pics...
And Daddy caught this sweet moment...Zeke & Caleb having some quality time together. :)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas at Thanksgiving 2010

We started a tradition with the Wright side of the family - exchanging Christmas gifts at Thanksgiving - three years ago. Looking back over the last three years, it's made the month leading up to Christmas so nice because we don't have to spend any time Christmas shopping...that part is done! We can rest and relax, looking forward to celebrating the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, with family and friends over the Christmas holidays!

This passed weekend, we were thankful to share time, great conversation, good food and life with family! It was a fun several days!!! Rhys got to open his Christmas present from Papa & Grandmom...
Papa & Grandmom know this child very well! :) Rhys is into anything with wheels, but especially TRACTORS!!! He couldn't wait to hop on for a ride! PJ's and all! :)
Finally, I coerced him into letting me dress him! :) Below, he's dancing to music while ridin' his tractor. :) Such a sweet boy!
I am thankful for our Lord's provision...for so much WONDERFUL time with our families, for good memories of years passed, for added memories from this year :) (anyone involved in our Thanksgiving has to be smiling), for great food and so much more! What a beautiful spread of food we enjoyed! "Thank You, Lord!!"
We squeezed in some Joker, of course! :)
Aunt Tami surprised Rhys with blocks...
Aunt Kristie surprised Rhys with another fun tractor {thankfully we found the MUTE :) button on it last night}!!
Thank you, Aunt Kristie & Uncle Todd!! :)
All my men, relaxing together...
Papa helped feed Rhys cereal...
Grandmom LOVED on her littlest man. :)
Grandmom, her sister Sue and Caleb...
Caleb and his very own lovie from Papa & Grandmom...
And Rhys, Ritzin' it up :) as our little 'box head''ll do the darndest things in the midst of excitement! :) I'm glad we caught this sweet moment between Papa & Rhys...look at those sweet smiles. They evidently love each other!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Quick Weekend Get-Away!!

We went to Louisiana a couple of weekends ago...last minute decision; 13 hours of driving; 30 hours with family; 8 hours in the hunting stands {for Russell}. It was well worth the trip...Russell got a deer, and we all got in some good family time!

Rhys got to ride on a 4-wheeler with Daddy...

The boys were SPOILED :) by their Grandmom and Aunts Tami & Kristie...

It was a fast & furious :) weekend, but we are thankful for it!