Sunday, July 27, 2008

More Socializin'! :)

I have gotten to talk to Russell each night since he's been gone. Some nights are brief, and I can tell he's just exhausted. Other nights, we have a nice, hour-long conversation without interruption and just catch up and dream about our future and coming babies. No, we're not having twins, at least not this time, but after this one, we're planning for more. We're excited and enjoying pondering over our future together.

We had a wonderful conversation last night...the longest we've been on the phone together...maybe EVER! Russell woke me up from a nap at 7:15pm. :) I'd been on the go all day (more on that below :)), so I was getting a power nap in so that I wouldn't melt into a crying session. Smart decision. :) Russell's doing well, as am I, and we're super excited to finally BE together this Friday!!! Yeah!!!

All that to say, too, that in our evenings chats, I've been able to share all that I've been up to, so I've been a bit less inclined to blog each day, as I'd originally promised, but rather I've chosen to throw several days into one blog...hopefully keeping it more interesting, too! :)

A big thank you to the Hipps for entertaining me on Friday night! Larry and Kathryn and Georgia Kate, their first child (such a doll!), are expecting a new member to the family in only 18 or so weeks! I've known Kathryn for about 5 years...I can hardly believe that! We worked at Briarwood Church at the same time but in different departments. Our friendship took off from the get-go! Maybe because she's a Florida-born-and-bred gal, and I always long for the beach :), we've got this close kinship. :) Regardless, they are a great family, always looking out for everyone else! We had a productive evening...The Hipp's were my and Russell's wedding photographers! We've just been too busy...for the last 11 months (!!!!) get together and put the album together! Ha! So, we conquered and finished that up right before dinner this passed Friday night! YEAH!!!

Georgia Kate is definitely a snuggly little angel, but it only lasts about 5 seconds until she's ready to jump into the next person's arms or into all-together new activity! She jumped into my lap, too, for all of her 5-seconds limit :), so we didn't have enough time to snap a shot. Bummer...oh, well, next time.

Dinner was delicious! Larry & Kathryn have always treated me and (all my single friends back in the day!) to their best! This time, Kathryn baked fresh, homemade Baked Ziti, buttery dinner rolls and prepared a beautiful salad! I forgot to get a picture of the most important part! Dessert! She treated us to a yummy strawberry pie topped with whipping cream that just melted in my mouth! Gosh, I could go for a piece of that right now! Hmmmmm...

Georgia was being sweet to include big brother Bernie in on all the fun. She had fun tapping on the window and keeping him abreast of all the fun and conversations! :)

"Thanks again, guys, for having me over! Y'all are great, and my heart was so fulfilled from our time together! Thank you for sharing all about your first birthing experience, too, (BOTH of your perspectives!!!) so that I have some idea of the fun that we're about to have! :) Love y'all!"

Saturday was a fun day with Granny, my mom's mom, and two of her sisters, my great aunts, Aunt Annie Ree and Aunt Gloria. I picked them up and we made our way to Cracker Barrell for lunch. We enjoyed catching up, while the "bottom fell out" outside! The storms were so strong that we were literally stranded at Cracker Barrell for a good while! Finally, I ran to the car, pulled it up to the restaurant as close as I could and then carried the umbrella back and forth for each of them to slowly make their way to the car. :) I'm glad we shared the day together...I was completely worn out at the end of the day! What do you get with four nervous women trying to 'play' catch up in a little car, then in a noisy restaurant? A LOT OF TALKING, which translates to a lot of NOISE for me! Yeah, so I needed SILENCE in a HUGE way after that visit! :)

Above, my sweet Granny with her oldest sister, Aunt Annie Ree.
Below, I'm sitting with my Aunt Gloria.

This morning was the BEST! I got to go on a killer bike ride with Heidi! We went HARD for an hour! I was so sore that I was bow-legged getting off my new bike. So, I went straight to my parents' house to jump in the pool and work out the 'owey.' :) It still hurts - in a GOOD way - to climb the steps in our townhouse. Then, I came home and cleaned the house so that my husband knows he's coming home to a spic 'n span house! He always loves that! So, I'm now plopped on the sofa, pondering what snack I want to eat before heading over to the deVilleneuve's then church!

Happy Sunday!!!

Love! Love!! Love!!!


Darby said...

Shireen... All I can say right now is that YOU LOVE OTHERS so well and are such an inspiration to me. I love you this Sunday and hope you're enjoying your nap!

Kathryn said...

We LOVED having you over and catching up! SO excited for you both that Russ comes home tonight! I know it's been a long time, but you both did great in your apart time!
love you, K