Sunday, July 13, 2008

"Count Down - Day 21" Updates

Russell & I were able to text each other a couple of times yesterday. Then, around 6:00 last night, he surprised me with a phone call! To get a signal, he has to climb a wall and just sit there while we're talking! :) Oh, the things we'll do for love, huh? Oh, you'd do it, too!! ;)He is also able to check his email and our blog, too, so I plan to keep the updates and count down going! So, I hope you'll all let me humor you a bit these next few weeks!

Russell explained to me last night that his unit is spread out in an open, cleared-out field, where they've pitched their tents, cots and spread out all their gear. I imagine a bunch of men in full uniform really 'roughin' it.' I got a long text from Russell...he sent it about 9:25 last night, and I got it about 3:30 this morning. He wrote, "It's 9:25. I've been up since 2:20[am]. I am now going to bed without a shower, with the hum of generators in the background. They are going to set us up on a 3-day shower rotation. I don't know when it will start. So, I may go 4 or 5 days before I get my first shower! Hooray! Thank goodness for baby wipes..."

Gosh, I praise the Lord for his attitude!!! He truly sounded upbeat last night, as tired as I knew he had to be.

"I'm so proud of you, Honey! Thank you for your service to our Lord, to our country, to me!"

I promised pics from our dinner and dessert at the deVilleneuve's last night! We had fun baking spinach calzones (above).
And this amazing blueberry cobbler! (a blueberry version of this recipe. Thank you, Angie!!) Serving it a la mode, of course!!! :)
And summing up the evening with a couple of games of Joker.
"Russell, Ryan was sure to ask me if I had told you that you were missed last night! Of course, he may have just been missing your help with the fence! He was exhausted last night!" :)

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Melissa said...


It was this time last year that Thomas had to leave to take the Bar Exam in Montgomery for three days. Only three days! But, I was a mess that first day (i think because of all of the pregnancy hormones) and it was very difficult to be apart. I will be praying for you these next three weeks...I can sorta relate :) Hopefully you're not too hormonal yet and won't spend your evenings all weepy!!! Looks like you're staying busy!

We're going to the beach next week (19-26) but if you want to hang out when we get back, let's do it!

See you tonight.