Thursday, July 17, 2008

Count Down - 16 Days To Go!

Whoops, I skipped a day of blogging! :) So, only 16 more days to go until Russell gets home!

He called me around 9:00 last night...of course, I was fast asleep, but not too asleep to reach over and pick up! :) He said he had a great day...shooting all kinds of guns all day long. He was truly in his zone! ;) He is wild at heart, and I'm crazy about that!

I'm doing well, too. I got to rest a good bit yesterday afternoon and evening after work and got a couple of pregnancy and baby books read, so I'm getting some 'book knowledge' on how to be a mommy. :)

Thank you for your encouraging comments!! :)

Love you all! Have a wonderful day!

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Angie Davis said...

shireen you are too cute (in ref. to all of your prev. posts). i'm so glad you have friends to be with. it's so great to that you aren't experiencing nausea - i'm assuming?

oh, and so glad you liked the cobbler too. i'm about to try it with peaches.