Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I Love Surprises!!!

On Monday night, I was on the phone with a girlfriend, and Russell whispered to me, "Do you mind if I run out to Helena for about an hour or so?" (Ashley, remember when I asked you to hold during our conversation? ;)) Of course, I said, "Go on!" I just assumed he would be test driving a Jeep, since he hopes to get one in the coming months. Well, after I hung up and cooked dinner, I got cold in our (highly) air conditioned house, so I went and sat outside on our front door step. About a minute later, Russell drives up with this cool bike on his roof rack.

We all know Shireen loves surprises, and this was so incredibly sweet! It's a woman's Trek mountain bike, more specifically, a 2007 WSD Trek 4300. Of course, the aesthetics are highly's so cute...white and purple! Can't beat that for a girl! :)

Ashley, I guess I can return your mountain bike! :) Thank you for letting me borrow it all these months!!

"Thank you for my new bike, Honey!!!"

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The deVilleneuve's said...

I love it! Russell was very thoughtful! I know you guys will enjoy doing that together!