Sunday, July 20, 2008

Count Down - 13 Days To Go!

One week in, only two weeks to go! Actually, only 13 days until Russell gets home!

Last week was a lot of fun! Aside from missing Russell, of course, I chose to make the most of my week by spending it with great people! Friday night, my sweet friend, Sarah Dunn, had me over for dinner and a movie! She prepared baked pesto-mozzarella chicken, pesto-cheesy squash casserole and a yummy feta cheese-smothered green salad! Voila! Que delicioso! (Am I mixing languages there?)

"Thank you, Sarah! You're always too good to me!" :)

Saturday morning, I got to go hiking with Heidi & Isaiah again! We had a great time! The weather was perfect! We hiked 6.5-7 miles at a great pace, finishing in about 2 hours! Heidi carried Isaiah in a backpack carrier the entire time! Way to go, girl! And Isaiah was a trooper! Never made a peep, just enjoyed playing with Mommy's braided pig tails and that cool red bandana that he kept sneaking off her head! :) "Thanks, friends, for a great time of fellowship and, as always, a fabulous work out! I'm up for biking next!"

Saturday evening was a treat that I've been looking forward to for a while! Dinner with a great girlfriend, who I don't get to see enough. I knew Stacy Roberts before either of us was married. She now has two little girls! My, how time flies!! Reese is 2 years and 4 months. Sidney is just over 6 months. Since her hubby, Matt, was playing golf with the guys, we absolutely endulged ourselves to a GIRLS' NIGHT OUT :) at Cheesecake Factory! YUMMY!

The girls were SO good!! Reese just sat there so quietly, 'reading' the menu to herself. :) Sidney just laid there in her little carrier, gazing up at Mommy through droopy, sleepy eyes to sweetly falling asleep by the end of our meal. Gosh, I wish I'd thought to take pictures of our meals, too! The meals at Cheesecake are ridiculously HUGE, but I love taking home the left-overs!

My heart was set on ordering the Fresh Fish Tacos: Three Soft Corn Tortillas Filled with Fresh Grilled Fish,Spicy Avocado Cream and a Spicy Citrus Salsa. Served with Black Beans, Rice and Guacamole. It was (and still my fridge! :)) DELICIOUS! (Picture below)

Russell and I got to have a nice, long, relaxed conversation last night. He is doing well. They transition the soldiers from the field to barracks on Monday or Tuesday. No more sweaty nights, breathing kerosene from noisy generators; back to air-conditioned quarters and better access to showers! Yes! Praise the Lord!! Again, thank YOU for praying for each of us during this time! We are each doing very well...spiritually uplifted, which makes everything else absolutely more than "do-able." We certainly miss each other, but we are thankful for the phone time we get AND that we're already 1/3 finished! :)

Well, happy Sunday to everyone!! May this be a fresh, new week for each of us!

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Lindsey said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time! I agree, Cheesecake Factory does give you entirely too much food. I would be ok with a smaller portions and a cheaper price. But I don't think they would!
And I'm really impressed with your friend who hiked with her baby like that! He is precious btw.