Monday, July 14, 2008

Count Down - 19 Days To Go!

Russell sent me this picture of the area in which he's staying. There are about 50 tents, about 15 soldiers per tent, spread out on an area about the size of 8 football fields. So, if 50 tents x 15 persons = 750 persons total, then no wonder there's a shortage on shower time! Well, good news, everyone, Russell was able to "sneak a shower" (<--his words!!) last night around 2200 hours!! I'm sure he slept better being clean after 2 loooooong days of working and sweating with no shower. We definitely praise the Lord for that gift!I got to spend this evening with my former roommate and best girlfriend, Ashley Matteo, and her sweet hubby, Dan. We had a wonderful time visiting, cooking, eating and good ole catchin' up! I finally got to see her nursery!! Pictures below! Ashley is due in less than a month, so I enjoyed asking her questions and listening to everything she was willing to share! It's such a blessing to learn "what I'm getting into" :) from my girlfriends! Once again, I praise the Lord for loving on me today through a great workday and then a fun evening with my great friends! "Thank you, Dan & Ashley (okay, & Piper! :))!!"

Yum! Ashley cooked Chicken Parmesan over Angel Hair Pasta and fresh green beens! Delicioso!
Below, pictures of Nathan's sailboat theme nursery. So cute!!! "You're welcome to come on out any time, now, little man!! You're room is ready!" :)

Below, sweet Mama Ashley holding her first baby, Piper. I have a special place in my heart for Piper since I got to live with and take care of her for a couple of years. :)

Good night to all, and to all a good night!
"Nighty-night, Hun! Sleep great, and don't let the flies bite!! :) I'm glad you have your mosquito net!"

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Darby said...

Shireen! I knew He would and will sustain you! Praise the Lord for your precious friends who are near by! What a delicious looking dinner and nursery... and pup! :) Glad you're in good hands! Love you!