Thursday, July 3, 2008

I am Blessed

I've really enjoyed 'letting' :) Russell in on blogging! I tried to encourage him to blog several months back, but it took us getting pregnant for him to jump on the opportunity! He claims that I've "made" him blog, but he wanted to, and I was all about letting him!

He's really a darn good blogger, and I hope he'll keep this up with me!!

I just wanted to share a quick "Shireen's Perspective" of this so far amazing pregnancy experience...

First of all, we acknowledge that God is so good to us. He's truly given us the desires of our hearts, allowing for Russell and I to be on the same page...ready to get our family started, and, here we go, we're already 10 weeks in! We're excited and so pleased! We can hardly wait to find out if we'll be parents of a first-born son or daughter!! :)

Another tremendous blessing has been the support Russell has been to can tell just in the sweet and encouraging blogs he's shared. God has blessed me abundantly through my husband, and I know I'm not worthy, but I am absolutely grateful! In reference to his 'emotional' comment, I admit, there have been some interesting crying spells, where I'll even ask myself in the midst of crying, "Where is this coming from!?!?!?" He just holds me and encourages me to just let it out. Then, we're all good! :)

Everyone has been so sweet to ask, "Are you feeling okay? Any morning sickness?" So far, so good. I felt a little light-headed a few times at about 5-6 weeks, but I've really been able to maintain my workout, work and social schedule without change. I've been grateful for the energetic mornings and days, and I don't mind going to bed a little earlier than usual sometimes. It seems to have become a pattern that at least one day a week, I'm just exhausted and can hardly wait to get home from work to take a nap. That was yesterday for this week. I laid down for a nap at 4:00 in the afternoon and awoke absolutely shocked to see that it was already 7:00! I napped for 3 hours! I guess 'Junior' had a little growth spert yesterday and was using up my energy, so I had to replenish. I didn't mind. :)

Finally, the eating bit of pregnancy. Really, I expected to be craving and binging on junk food and fattening stuff. I'll have my occasional craving for a McDonald's or Chic-fil-A ice cream cone, or I'll trek down to the nearest grocery store for Blue Bell's most interesting flavors, but, for the most part, I crave fresh fruits on cold cereal for my breakfast, Yoplait Yogurt Whips for mid-morning or mid-afternoon snacks, Kashi meals for my lunches (easy & healthy frozen dinners to microwave at work!!), and then more fruit and a good, solid, warm meal at night. I've eaten lots of breakfast foods for dinner, recently: eggs & cheese on toast, biscuits, grits and all kinds of jellies. Oh, and I love jalapenos right now! :) Russell made his homemade salsa a couple of nights ago, heavy on the jalapenos, and I've just about planted my face into it the last couple of nights!

Have a great, long weekend, everyone!!! Happy Independence Day!

We're actually heading down to New Orleans and Slidell, LA this afternoon, where we'll spend the weekend with the deVilleneuve's and their families. I get to see Russell's hometown for the first time; I think he's planning to take me on a swamp tour (fun!!); and we're sure to pig out on some great foods while down in Cajun country!

Lookin' forward to sharin' some pics & tales of our weekend soon!

P.S. Darby, I've been praying for you, Baby John and your family each day this week. I prayed for you guys during my walk this morning...for a full recovery through this nice, long weekend, and for some good entertainment for the girls so that you could rest! :) Love you and so proud of you, girl!!


Cindy said...

Yay, 10 weeks! If you don't have morning sickness by now then I think you are definitely in the clear.

I was SO TIRED during my 1st trimester but had tons of energy during my 2nd. So hang in there for ONE more month and then you should start feeling peppy again :-)

Darby said...

Sweet Shireen, YOu are so blessed! And I'm so blessed to know you! Thank you for your prayers... we're doing great and adjusting to life with 3 little ones! I'm healing and trying to rest!! love you! And hope y'all have a great weekend. Can't wait to see pictures!!!