Saturday, July 12, 2008

Count Down - 21 Days To Go!

Hi, friends & family!

Russell left town this morning for a 3-week military annual training. His alarm sounded at 2:20am, and the next thing I remember is him kissing and hugging me -him in uniform, me snuggled in bed - at 3:05am! Needless to say, I didn't sleep well at all after he left. I missed him, dreamed he came back, saying that he didn't have to go, after all, and then I awoke to the disappointing reality that I had only been dreaming, or should I say having a nightmare!

We've certainly prayed toward these 3 weeks together and have asked several of you to be praying for our hearts to stay unified during this time. I pray that each of us would seek the Lord when we miss the other, that the Lord would lead each of us by His Spirit, giving us recall of His Word and leading us to pray specifically so that we may see God at work in our midst, that we may be encouraged and honor Him with our praise and thanksgiving. We appreciate each of you and ask that you would pray alongside us through these next few weeks.

At this point, Russell and I don't know if we'll be able to communicate at all. He's within a couple of hours away, but he'll be on the field, experiencing hands-on training. So, he may or may not have cell, text or email access. I've decided to take a chance and commit to blogging each day so that, just in case he does have coverage and can check our blog, he knows something about my days. I'll keep it as interesting as possible for promises for anything to "write home about," however. :)

So, let's get this count down started already!!!

21 days to go!
Philipians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

Jenn, her sister, Lauren, Rollins and I went blueberry picking this morning! Girls will be girls in the car, which means we talk non-stop! :) I'm certainly not complaining! I love the catch-up time. However, we did miss our first turn off of the highway and had to back track about 5 or so miles. No big just keep on trekkin' and talkin'! :)

Here are some pics of our FUN day at the Morgan Creek Winery, where each of us girlies picked our own gallon of blueberries! Above, we arrive, about to be drenched with sweat!!!
Jenn (& 'Deuce' - due in September!!), Lauren and Rollins.
Rollins had so much fun eating and picking right along with us. He was eating them almost as fast as Jenn was picking them! ;) "Way to go, Jenn, for getting your bucket full!!"
Rollins & his handful (soon-to-be mouthful) of blueberries!
After picking, we asked a sweet lady to snap a shot of all of us! I forgot to pick up my bucket of blueberries for this picture, but you'll just have to believe that we actually did leave with 3 gallons! It took us a good 1.5 hours to pick that much!
I just love this picture! Rollins looks like he's reaching out to share his blueberries with 'Deuce'! What a sweetheart! Already sharing with his little brother. :)

Whew! It was a fun morning, and I look forward to heading over to the deVilleneuve's tonight for calzones & blueberry cobbler! Oooh, I'll have to get pictures of dinner & dessert! :)

"Honey, I froze 2/3 of our blueberries, and I promise to bake you a blueberry cobbler when you return! Love you!!!"


Darby said...

Hey Shireen! What a fun morning you've had!! I'll be praying for you while Russell is gone. I will pray that you will feel well, sleep well, and keep yourself busy while you're on your own! I'm sure it seems like it will be forever but I bet he'll be back before you know it!! Love you!

Shireen said...

Thanks, Darby!!
You're right! This time should fly by! God's really blessed me already with great plans ahead with lots of girlfriends these next few weeks.
You're terrific!
Love you, girl!