Monday, October 27, 2008

27 Weeks & Good News from the Doc!

Rhys and I passed our glucose test last week! I actually really liked the a highly-concentrated Sunkist without the fizz. :) Praise the Lord, we are gestational diabetes free!!

I also got to hear Rhys' heartbeat, which was good and strong! I asked our doctor if we'd have another opportunity for an ultrasound so that we could see Rhys at least one more time in the womb. At his "Yes" response, I just about leapt from the patient's chair! Yay!! We are scheduled for our next ultrasound for next Monday, November 3rd.

Gosh, Rhys has been so active, recently, which has been so sweet and fun. I was sitting in Bible study last Wednesday night, and I pinched a girlfriend and told her, "Rhys is moving!!" She got to feel him poking around in there! :)

We're 27 weeks, just over 6 and a half months! Rhys should weigh about 2 pounds, measuring about 14 1/2 inches long. Wow! I'm excited to see him next week on the big screen!! :) Before we know it, Rhys will be here! Especially with the rush of the holiday season coming!! We're thrilled!!


The Amato's said...

You are too cute! It's amazing to feel him kicking around inside of you isn't it?... I felt like I got a chance to "know" Audrey before the rest of the world did...what a treat! So exciting getting to do another u/s. You will be amazed how big Rhy's has gotten...his whole body probably won't fit on the screen like it did last time! How exciting for you & Russ!!!
We are coming to BHam the weekend of November 14th, we would LOVE to see ya'll if you're going to be around!...
and I've got some more preggers clothes for you-some cute old navy jeans-you can hardly tell they are maternity!!! Hope to see you soon! Love ya girl

Nicki McDonald said...

Yeah! God is good! I always thought the drink tasted good myself! See you soon.