Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Weekend Done Wright!

Russell's parents, Rusty & Claudia, came into town for a good weekend visit! I love when they come to visit...it's pretty much a guarantee that we'll get to rest and relax, while catching up, eating great foods and, of course, now that we have a Joker board, Joker was a highlight of our weekend activities!

We got to eat at Panera, Jim N Nick's and Brio's throughout the weekend! We probably played 10 games of Joker! Woohoo!! :) Claudia and I enjoyed a good, long Saturday morning walk and talk, while Rusty and Russell got some quality father-son time off-roading a bit in "the Jeep" and visiting outdoors stores, etc. We even got to go to a live Dave Ramsey conference here in Birmingham, which was great and encouraging, as we all seek to be diligent with the money with which God is entrusting us.

Oh, and I must share that we have a nursery room full of fun toys, swings, a stroller, a car seat, etc. for Rhys to use and play with, and he's not even here yet! :) Thank you, Kristie, for sending so many wonderful things through your parents!! :)

"Thank you, Rusty & Claudia, for coming, and we look forward to seeing you in less than a month! Yay!! Love you guys!!!"


The Amato's said...

Hand me downs from loved ones are great!!! Especially when they grow out of toys so fast!>....You look great by the way! How are you feeling?

Darby said...

Yay! Sounds like so much fun! I love to hear that you enjoy your time with your in law's... I love time with mine too! I consider it a huge blessing!

Britney said...

What a fun weekend! Glad you were able to go see good ol' Dave. Lucky you! :) Miss you both (+ baby)!

John said...

Was a great time for us also.. God is soooo good to give us a daughter that is willing to share her love with us. We could not have ask for more if He had allowed us to raise you ourselves.
We are excited about our next visit also. Thanks for taking such good care of our first grandson... We love you