Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kathryn's Baby Shower

We girls had a great time last night in celebration over Kathryn's second coming baby!

Larry & Kathryn Hipp already have sweet Georgia Kate, and the Lord is now blessing them with a baby boy in the mix! One of each! How fun! We enjoyed showering Kathryn & Baby Lincoln with fun gifts and ooh's and ah's with all kinds of fun conversation...mostly about babies!

Several of the girls at the shower are pregnant or have babies! So, the center of talk was certainly all the other babies, right along with coming Baby Lincoln! :)

Left to Right:
Myself (due in Jan), Laura Broom, Lindsay Murray (due with #2 in March), Jenn deVilleneuve (just had #2!!) holding her newborn, Christian (1 month old!), Kathryn Hipp (due in Dec with #2), Sandy Phelps (due in Feb), Michelle Long (due in Jan).

"Congrats, Larry, Kathryn & Georgia Kate...okay, okay, and Bernie (the Bassett Hound :))!! We're excited for you guys and look forward to meeting Lincoln SOON!!" ;)


Missy said...

looks like a great baby shower! and looks like yall have been on some fun dates! =) xoox

Kathryn said...

Thanks for being part of our celebration! Lincoln & I are blessed to be loved on by all of you! :) And Bernie appreciates the shout-out! ;)