Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sculpting A Miracle

We had our 28-week doctor's appointment yesterday, and Rhys measures in at 45th percentile! I'm still not completely sure what that means, but the doctor says with a big smile of encouragement that Rhys is healthy, growing and measuring perfectly for his age! :) Mommy & Baby are both right where we're supposed to be! Yippee!

We absolutely praise the Lord for this praise-worthy update! We won't go back to our doc until the first of December, at which time we'll start going every 2 weeks...how exciting!! Having a child becomes more real each day!

Russell's parents spent the weekend with us...Saturday morning through Monday afternoon. Our time together was truly fulfilling, as God continues to bless each of our hearts through deepening those relationships and now carrying us into sweet life transitions, as we look forward to being parents, and Rusty and Claudia look forward to meeting their first grandson! Speaking of meeting their first grandson, I am so thankful that the Lord worked it out for Grandmom and Papa to stay in town just long enough to join us for our final ultrasound!

We only waited a few anxious minutes in the waiting room when they called, "Wright." Next thing the sweet ultrasound technician sees is Rusty, Claudia, Russell and I all piling into the small room to watch Rhys on the big screen! :) It was a sweet time to share with family, and after seeing the pictures and hearing his strong heart beat, we all anxiously await meeting this little miracle!

As you can see, Rhys wants his facial features to remain a mystery! :) For all 20 or so minutes, he hid his face with his arms and hands. Chris, one of Russell's best friends and accountability partners, says, "He sounds hostile and suspicious like his dad." Very funny, Chris. :)
We did, however, get a couple of amazing pictures of his leg and foot! Looks like a sculpture, huh!?!? What a great reminder that GOD is indeed sculpting this little fella to HIS perfection and glory!

I will also note that we have confirmed that this child is indeed a BOY! :) This was a small concern for us, particularly after some friends just recently had a boy, expecting a girl! We saw Rhys' evidence, and Russell is an excited daddy! He's ready to start teaching Rhys the lessons and 'dangers' (thank you, Ryan & Jenn!) of life in the great outdoors!! :)

"Thank you, again, Papa & Grandmom, for postponing your road trip to come to the ultrasound with us!! It was so good for our hearts to be able to share that once-in-a-lifetime experience with you! We're looking forward to seeing you on Thursday evening - your anniversary!! yay!!! - when you swing back through town!! Love you!!"


Darby said...

Oh Shireen!! What a beautiful and miraculous sculpture he is! And what nice legs he has! :) He's absolutely beautiful and how exciting that Russell's family got to experience the wonders of ULTRASOUNDS! Aren't they so cool!? Love you and rejoicing with you!!!

Mama Matteo said...

hey sweet friend. i know i have already told you this but that is one awesome looking leg!!! we will be excited to see all of his other wonderfully created parts come january! i am so proud of you and thankful to the Lord!