Friday, October 24, 2008

Another New Baby!! Welcoming Andrew Joel Murphy!!

I got to visit Katie Murphy and her new little man, Andrew Joel, this week! I just sat there, holding this sweet, warm bundle of joy, while Mommy Katie & I caught up. Both are healthy and learning a lot that I'm about to be embarking upon...oh, goodness. :)
Katie & Mike just brought Andrew Joel into the world a little over a week ago, and they're MOVING to a new house this weekend! Gutsy, guys! ;) No, really...I know that this is the Lord's timing, and that He will continue to more than sustain you guys through the difficulty.
I enjoyed our visit, Katie! I look forward to seeing you guys as a family soon! :) Love y'all!

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Darby said...

You look beautiful! You should wear pink everyday! Congrats to your sweet friend! What a precious little man!!