Friday, October 24, 2008

Stacey's Stitches

I've waited to post this until I was able to give out the below gifts...I didn't want the recipients to find their gifts on my blog before they got them! :)

The creative talents of sewing, monogramming, embroidering, etc. impress me so much! I guess because I feel so inadequate to create something so beautiful and creative! I have no clue when it comes to a needle and thread. I'll just leave it to my girlfriends and support their businesses!

I just have to brag on Stacey Picardy...a recently new mommy, who has just found her niche and interest in this line of creativity! Check out her online business - Stacey's Stitches - for more of her gift ideas and incredibly affordable prices!

I asked Stacey a couple of weeks ago...on a Wednesday...if she'd be able to make me the below burp cloth for a baby shower that I needed to go to that Saturday. I just gave her some ideas, and she brought it to me in TWO days! It was just over $10, girls! You can't beat the convenience and great price of such a custom-made, sweet gift! AND, most importantly, the burp cloth was very appreciated by Kathryn!! :)
Look below at how Stacey packages it! So cute!
Stacey made me this decorative, linen towel for a friend's birthday...again, very elegant and very affordable...UNDER $10, y'all! Unbelievable...for such a beautiful gift!

"Thank you, Stacey! Looking forward to calling on you with my next gift need!!"

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