Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday Fun Day

Sunday's have been my favorite day of the week for at least the last six years! Basically, since I've been a believer in Christ. You get to go to church, sing praise songs, learn more about our Father, His Son, His Holy Spirit, our faith, who we are able to be in Him; you get to rest, eat brunch or lunch, be lazy, take naps or go for afternoon walks alone or with friends, delight in fellowship all day long and into the evening! It's a fun day! Truly, I do desire to honor the Lord with how I spend my Sabbath, and, now that I'm all married (Love you, Russell!! :)), we get to partake in the treat of our Sabbath gift together!

We've recently started attending Redeemer Community Church, which meets at 5:00 on Sunday evenings. It's been so different, as I'm used to attending morning services. I'm up for either! This has just been a neat schedule change for me and Russell. If you know Russell, he's very outdoorsy! He and his buddies, Ryan and Chris, take every opportunity to get outside and play! They have so much gear that they have to have multiple cars to fit everything!! We're talkin' kayaks, canoes, bikes, camping gear and all the fun accessories! Loads of it!! When they come in from a camping trip or adventure race and unload all their stuff, you can hardly see the floor of the room! Chris' wife, Tara, calls it a "gear explosion!" She's right! :)

Well, Russell and I just got married last August, and I've taken an interest this season in learning what it will take to get me adventure racing. I'm 'stoked'! :) So, we've been heading out to Oak Mountain every Sunday morning (well, it's only been the last two weeks, but that's the plan for coming Sundays) to practice and get me geared up...mentally, physically, every aspect! So, we're training together. So far, we've biked about 10-15 miles on Sundays, trying to get in another 10-15 miles mid-week. Today, we broke out the canoe and kayak after an 11-mile ride!

All loaded up, ready to go! Russell amazingly and efficiently gets everything on the Camry! :) He does want a truck pretty soon!!

My changing room! :) I had to change into my bathing suit after our ride! Hee-hee-hee!

I've got my spray skirt on, all ready to kayak!! I did do some kayaking, just no pics of me in action. :( Next time!

A little flirt with my skirt ;)

Okay, so perhaps the greatest part of this morning (and it was ALL wonderful!!) was meeting a young man out at the Oak Mountain Lake. Russell and I both know that God has a purpose for our meeting him there. We've only met him, and, although we've only exchanged about 30 minutes worth of conversation, we sense an opportunity to share if a future meeting should arise. We've prayed for the opportunity, and we trust that the Lord will continue to lead.

God is so good, y'all. I'd been praying and hoping that the predicted rains would hold off so that we could get our ride and water time in today, and it was so sweet...the rain came just as we headed out of the park, washing all the sand off the gear...couldn't have been more perfect!

Regardless, we praise our Lord! He is good to us.

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