Saturday, April 19, 2008

Back from yet another hiatus...

Sorry, friends. I've not been very motivated to blog, recently. Blogging is very give and take, I'm learning. I've gotten the 'taking' part down, as I glean from you wonderful bloggers, but I've not been a good giver! So, forgive me! I want to be better! Please feel free to hold me accountable with emails or comments...hopefully of encouragement! ;)

We've had such a great weekend! I've learned, too, that if I have pictures, I'm much more likely to blog! Well, some of our activities were documented this weekend, BUT by others' cameras, so maybe I can share those pictures as I get them later. For now, I'll just share about those good times via good old fashioned word!
This is my birthday weekend! YEAH! My actual birth date is April 20th, and I'll be 31! I feel like I look age 15 or 16, certainly not 31!!! Darby, if you're reading this, I'm much like you...very natural, very little make-up, pretty darn plain jane...hence, the youthful 'facade' :). I also act so young, and I like to believe it's because I'm so joyful in the Lord! Truly, I took on this joyful demeanor upon becoming a new creation in Christ, and it's wonderful! So, I praise the Lord!

Friday night, Ryan & Jenn surprised me with a birthday evening! Russell and I walked into their home, prepared for dinner and care group evening, and I saw the 'Happy Birthday' streamer that Jenn had hand-made for Rollins hanging up in the kitchen...I thought to myself, "It's not Rollins' birthday. Huh. Oh! It's MY birthday!" I screamed, and I was elated! They remembered, and I felt SO loved! They surprised me yet again a few hours later with one of my favorite desserts, presented with lit candles, their yummy Eclair! What a sweet evening! Thanks, guys! :) Love you!

Look at the yummy Eclair cake!!
Of course, Russell has learned how important birthdays are to me! :) Not just mine...others too! It's a day to be celebrated for at least a month! I mean, come on! Draw that celebration out! He's so sweet! He gave me a gift certificate for a manicure and pedicure, which I truly need because I will never take the time to stop and do my own nails! Even as I type, my cuticles are taking over my nails! It's really bad. Okay, Stephanie, don't come looking at my nails tomorrow night! Or'll give you something to blog about! ;)

Then, tonight, continuing on with the birthday celebration, we got to go over to our neighbors', Aryvia & Kate Holmes,' home, where we acknowledged (never actually sang or lit candles...sad!) both Kate's and my birthdays! Happy birthday, Kate! She turned 27 on April 17th! The deVilleneuve's and Drake's were there, too! We had a fun time! Aryvia grilled all our meats - hot dogs, sausage, venison, chicken, kabobs, you name it, we had it! Kate, your salad and cream cheese-pepper peach preserve appetizer with crackers were YUM! Jenn, your potatoes au gratin...delicioso! Birthday dessert - traditional yellow butter cake recipe smothered with milk chocolate icing! Highlight of the night - GREAT fellowship! Heidi, we're serious about the adventure racing! You'd be amazing!

Pictures from tonight:

Kate & Aryvia Holmes

James, Heidi & Isaiah Drake

Heidi & Isaiah, Jenn & Rollins

Russell & me :)
Well, it's passed midnight! I went to sleep at 10:30, and I woke up hungry at 11:30, so I came downstairs for a 'midnight snack!' Nothing like a glass of chocolate milk, followed by a bowl of oatmeal with a spoon of Naturally More peanut butter! :) Surely I'm not the only one among us bloggers to get up and snack at midnight!?!?! Well, at least I blogged! :)
Thanks for letting me share! Hopefully, more to come!

Love! And Happy Birthday to anyone else who may have a birthday in this sweet Spring month of April!


Kathryn said...

Welcome back and a Happy Happy Birthday to YOU! :-)
love, Kathryn

Tracey said...

I second that. & Hope your birthday weekend was everything you wished for. sorry i didn't email you a card. you have been on my mind though lately. hope y'all are doing well. it sounds like it & love to read your blog.
love, Tracey