Saturday, April 5, 2008

There's a Canoe in our Living Room!

I love my husband! He is so fearless! Such a child at heart! I truly want to be more like this!! I'm praying even now that the Lord would continue to work in my heart, releasing me of the bondage of all fears to which I hold so tight. I want to live out the Truth that sets me free!

Yesterday, I get home, just as a storm is brewing, and he wants to go to a sporting goods store! Not only that, he wants to go because they're having an outdoor tent sale on their kayaks and canoes with a temporary pool to try out any water 'toys.' Okay, so we head out the door, me in his spare pair of Chaco's, a pair of capri cargo pants and my new, huge rain coat! :) I'm ready to be brave and daring with my husband...I want him to be so proud of his strong and courageous wife!

We pass our neighbor as we lock the front door, and she does not hesitate to let us know that we're crazy for getting out in this messy weather. Russell did not hesitate to continue on to the car, so I followed, acting fearless and my heart racing in the moment! We head that way, rain clearly ahead, lightning in the distance, thunder catching my attention, and I quietly begin to pray. Russell put his hand on my knee, "You okay, Honey?" "Yep, doing great. Just praying. Oh, but I trust you, Honey. I do!" :)

So, we get to Dick's, and they're temporarily shutting down the outdoor show due to more coming storms. Russell even braved asking (in the gusty winds, I might add!!), "Can I just have 10 minutes with one of your canoes in the pool?!?!" to which the kind gentleman said, "Sorry, sir. We'll be open tomorrow and Sunday, if you can come back."

Russell went back today! He bought himself a new canoe and is even now 'perfecting' it with appropriate our living room! :) He hasn't told me about the experience of trying it out in the pool yet. I'm looking forward to hearing about that. I was just too proud of him and too intrigued to not share with you! Gosh, I wish that I could 'get into' his world of outdoor sports, but my idea and his idea are completely different. He needs to be rough and tumble with his guy friends. I much prefer the gentler experiences of the great outdoors. :) I told him today, "Honey, I fully support your outdoor activities, and I want you to go have fun with your buddies. I'll be home with dinner ready when you're finished. I'll be your more domestic partner." ;)

Well, thank you for letting me share, or brag, on my ambitious husband in whom I find great joy and delight. God continues to bless our lives and marriage!

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Cindy said...

Canoeing is fun! We used to go canoeing on the Cahaba River. You pack a picnic lunch and float along -- it's very relaxing.