Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Oh, the Surprises to Which We Awake!!

We awoke to a great and beautiful morning today; both Russell and I slept so restfully and solid last night! I was so excited, getting my morning started off so that I was ahead of schedule - my morning 'quiet time' was fulfilling, moving on to shower and dress and pack my lunch, even looking forward to getting to work early! Russell kisses me goodbye, walks out the door with his Bible and journal in hand, heading to his men's Tuesday morning breakfast & Bible study. A few minutes later, he walks back in! Oh, maybe he wants another kiss!!!!

Next thing I hear, "Honey, I've got a flat. I'm gonna change it real quick!" I'm thinking, "Oh, bless his heart! Maybe I could help!" Mind you, I have not a clue on how to fix a tire! Well, I could say that this morning, before I asked if I could watch and learn. So, now I can fix a tire! I hope to never have to, but if the need should arise, I'm thankful to know what to do!

Of course, being the newly-intentional blogger, I grabbed my camera and snapped a couple of shots of my diligent husband as he literally coached me through changing a tire. So cute, so patient and such a good teacher! I love him!

Loosening the lugnuts. :) (mechanic lingo!)

The culprit!


It took him maybe 8 minutes from start to finish, and he was so calm throughout the process! Not a smudge of grease on him! SO impressive!

P.S. He made it to Bible study, I got to work...almost early. ;)

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Darby Stickler said...

I can't believe you didn't mention the purple gloves... that's my favorite thing about this whole post. Don't let his fellow men in uniform see him in those purple things! :) Hee hee! Glad y'all had such a wonderful morning!!