Thursday, April 24, 2008


Girlfriends are a HUGE blessing! Cori Dillon and I met through church (I think! We've just known each other for so long...I forget how we met!). We've known each other for at least four years. We've been partners in a lot of things...walks, hikes, Bible studies, Scripture memory (60 verses in 30 weeks!), accountability & prayer, coffee breaks from life, name it!

I got to spend only one hour with her last night, but I was on a high and praising the Lord for our time together! We met up at the Summit Barnes & Noble and sat outside and just chatted up a storm, catching up on anything and everything that hit our minds! Cori's married to "Big" Daniel and mommy to "Baby" Daniel. :) She's so talented...a wonderful wife and mommy, a nurse and pilates instructor by profession, an artist, an amazing encourager and my friend! :)
"I love you, Cori!! Let me know when you're ready for an early Saturday morning hike!"

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