Sunday, April 19, 2009

Still Playing...

Although we're now parents and definitely wrapped up in every sense of the word {or in every sense of Rhys' sweet life!} :), and, although I've definitely been lacking in the blogging updates (but not for lack of keeping busy!!), we're still trying to maintain a social life, perhaps to keep our sanity!?!? :)

One of my favorite social activities (STILL!) is playing joker with a fun group! So, for over a week, I've had last night planned!!! While my sweet husband tended to the grill with the rest of the men, all of us ladies tended to cooking the fun side dishes and, of course, some good conversations, while inhaling the appetizer!! :) Just leave the women to catching up in no time!! :) We LOVE to TALK!!! After a yummy dinner of grilled meats, pasta salad, roasted Italian potatoes and sauteed zuccini and squash, we all piled up in the living room around none other than the Joker board!! :) In the midst of the games, we celebrated my and Kate's birthday's over yummy rocky road brownies and {the best EVER} Mayfield's Birthday Cake ice cream! "Thank you, Kate, for our birthday dessert!!" :)
The girls won the first game; the guys won the second. We're all ready for more! :)
Neal (in orange) & Arden (straight, blonde hair) joined our 'usual crowd' :) of Shegun & Mary and Aryvia & Kate. They 'fit' right in!! Good competitive skill! :)

Side note, Russell and I had prayed earlier yesterday over our evening, that the Spirit would lead our evening of fellowship and conversation, as well as lead Rhys in being fun, enjoyable (not fussy) company. The Lord blessed our evening in each of those ways, and Rhys was especially enjoyable. Kate was SO gracious to hold him during dinner so that Daddy and Mommy could have that little break. "Thank you, again, friend!!" ;)


Nicki McDonald said...

Looks like a great time together with great friends!

Love ya, Nicki

The Amato's said...

We've missed you in the blogging world...welcome back! Glad you had fun last night & with Kristie! Hope to see you soon, give that precious angel a kiss for us (Rhys that is:) We love ya'll

HB said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!?!?! I feel like I haven't seen you in FOREVER!! Hope all is well. We are all sick AGAIN, but HOPEFULLY we'll be out and about again soon.

Miss seeing you!