Saturday, April 25, 2009

Rhys' First Trip to the Zoo!!

We got to spend a nice, relaxing weekend with Papa & Grandmom Wright, Aunt Tami and Aunt Kristie & cousin Sierra Grace in Louisiana. One of our big outings was the Louisiana Purchase Zoo in Monroe, Louisiana, Rhys' first trip to a zoo! :) {That's not saying too much...if the little man wasn't sleeping, he was 'in his own little baby world' in his stroller. :))
Papa & Grandmom Wright, taking a break in the was HOT!We took advantage of the shady breaks, too!! Rhys was sportin' his 'birthday suit' {plus a diaper! ;)} because of the heat!The flamingo is one of my favorites!!
Aunt Tami and Sierra fed Jerry the Giraffe a cake cone. {I know...a cake cone? It's what the zoo keepers were feeding them! Interesting!}Little Miss Sierra Grace was BRAVE to pet the goats!! "You go, girlie!"
These alligators are REAL! Papa says they can travel up to 25 miles per hour on land!! I personally choose not to challenge that fact! The peacocks were everywhere! They're beautiful, but their screech scared Rhys, so I stayed clear of them! My protective instincts were awoken!! :)
Look at this turtle! Such a pretty shell!
Russell & Rhys taking a shady break. :) My sweet men...I love them!Wort hogs! UGLY creatures!
One of my very favorites...look at these prarie dogs! They look like little statues! Ha ha!!
I felt like I was in a scene of "Out of Africa" looking at this pretty lion!A rhinocerous...hangin' out in the shade.

This is not even half of what we saw at the zoo! I was so impressed at the variety of animals at the local Monroe zoo that I had to share!! {I know it's a lot of animal pics! :)}

That was just the first morning of our trip! Rhys did great, but he has no clue he was at the zoo...we'll have to go again when he's a little more aware of what's going on! :)


missy said...

Great updates recently! Love them. Love the pics. Love the mini van for a growing family! =) i expect one to play soccer and quit in the middle of a game like i did!! =)
Happy late bday! Sorry I missed that one. guess remembering birthdays arent my niche. I made strawberry bread tonight, made me think of you! Always making different breads. Lets catch up soon! Miss you. love you! mm

Mama Matteo said...

looks like yall had fun and got to see ALOT of animals. dan will be jealous because he loves the zoo.