Sunday, April 19, 2009

Family Fun!!

Kristie, one of Russell's sisters, and her sweet little girl Sierra Grace came to visit us last week! We enjoyed a very relaxing time together, which was exactly Kristie's hope for this be refreshed with lots of rest! It was good for us to have that down time together, and I do hope the girls are nicely fulfilled from their vacation! "Thank you for coming to see us and meet little Rhys!!" :)We did venture out to Aldridge Gardens, a nearby botanical beauty! This place is just about in our backyard, yet we've never walked all the way through the park! It's gorgeous, and I am, once again, amazed at the beauty that surrounds our sweet home! Look at all the pretty spring flowers!! Tulips are amongs my faves!Some close-ups! Then, we mosied on to visit the geese, turtles and {HUGE} fish and feed them a some healthy whole wheat bread. :)
The gardens are perfectly calming with the pretty little statues, falls, rock gardens, etc.
That day was Kristie's birthday, so she requested a fun night...that we order out pizzas (my favorite...Papa John's!) and go swimming with them in their hotel's indoor pool! After the chilly walk thru the gardens, I was excited to relax in the hot tub! So, we endulged ourselves...
Notice Rhys' new swimsuit! "Thank you, Kristie and Sierra!!" :)
Also, notice Rhys' facial expression toward Daddy's meant-to-be-enjoyable idea of swimming together. Yeah, Rhys was not too keen on the idea of luke warm pool water. Mommy stood by the poolside, ready to wrap him up, in case the fussing began. It did. We then obliged the little man by warming him up by holding him and dangling his feet in the hot tub. He LOVED that! He comes by his preference for warmth/heat honestly...he is his mommy's son! :) I can't stand being cold!
Then, we all dove into some yummy red velvet birthday cake after singing "Happy Birthday!!"

The rest of our visit was as fun and relaxing, and we're excited to see the rest of Russell's family in Louisiana very soon!!

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Nicki McDonald said...

Beautiful flowers and what fun! Rhys swimming is precious - cute suit, too.