Wednesday, April 22, 2009

3 Months!!

Oh, our sweet son, Rhys!
You are 3 months old today! Yay!!! Mommy is super excited! As I was feeding you this morning, I was staring at you in absolute awe of how incredibly beautiful {or handsome! ;)) you are! Everyone says you look just like Daddy, with Mommy's olive complexion {and long feet and toes! :)).

I love that your hair is still slightly red, just like your daddy's was at your age! And the setting of your eyes is just like Daddy's too! I look at the color of your eyes each day, watching them turn from this amazing deep blue to slightly more brown with time.

I'm not sure where you get your perfectly shaped lips, but I could just kiss on them ALL day long {even with all the baby slobber}!! I think you have Daddy's cute ears, and I'm pretty sure you have my nose because it looks just like mine did at your age!!

You're getting SO big and heavier each day! Again, yay!!! I'm getting to put you into new, larger outfits!! This part is a little bit sad because some of your monogrammed clothes will never be worn again! :( Oh, well!

I've also noticed that when I'm feeding you, your cheeks turn bright pink and you tighten and loosen your hands, so happy to be getting good nourishment! We think you're soon to transition into sleeping longer nights, which absolutely thrills Mommy!! :) You do fight your sleep, when you're getting tired, but you come by that honestly, as Mommy does that, too...still, unfortunately.

A few last play by yourself on your activity mat so well, and you LOVE your bath! I could leave you soaking for hours, I think! I'm amazed that you've graduated so quickly from Newborn-size diapers to size 1's to size 1-2's and now to size 2's in such a short time! In only a month, you have your next pediatrician's appointment, and we'll see how much weight you've gained and how many inches you've grown!!
Daddy and Mommy are so in love with you, little man! We could not be more excited to have you as our son! Maybe in time, if God permits, you'll be a big brother, but for now, we are selfishly going to enjoy our time with you!
Happy 3 months, and we love you, son!

XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO from Daddy & Mommy!


The Amato's said...

Happy 3 months sweet Rhys! & Happy Birthday to you Shireen! I think we will be coming late May...hope to see you soon, dear friend!

Mama Matteo said...

Happy 3 months Rhys. You are doing so well sitting in your bumpo seat. Keep it up and you and nathan can play real soon.

Kathryn said...

Happy 3 months Rhys- & mommy & daddy! :) You are growing so quick! And I love that big smile to your daddy!