Thursday, April 30, 2009

More Louisiana Fun & Fixins

Russell & his dad are carnivores!! :) They love MEAT!!! Rusty bar-b-que'd an enormous pork tenderloin, about 8 lbs of ribeye steaks and a load of ribs this passed Saturday afternoon. Claudia, Russell's mom, stayed busy in the kitchen most of the morning ("Thank you, Claudia!!") preparing all the traditional sides...potato salad, brocolli salad, baked beans and rolls.
The food was yummy and absolutely filling!!! The outdoor fellowship, while Rusty was slaving over the hot grill, was good for the soul!
Rhys has met his new and perhaps biggest fan, Aunt Tami!! :) She couldn't get enough of Rhys all weekend long! I loved watching them together!!! "Love you, Aunt Tami!! From all of us!" :)
Rhys was mostly dressed in his cute little (naked) b'day suit all weekend long!! Seriously, in four days, he only wore one outfit and only for part of that day! :) I'm pretty sure that's the "attire" he'll be sportin' all summer long! Makes it easy for Mommy!! :)
Daddy loves to exercise the little man...
...or show off his little muscles! :) Then, we got to visit Uncle Dale & Aunt Sharon, also some of the sweetest family I've married into!


Mama Matteo said...

rhys looks so cute in his bday suit and im sure he was comfortable. glad yall had fun. looks like uruguay with all that meat!

tami said...

You're right - I am that beautiful, amazing, wonderful little boy's biggest fan!!! I'm going to have to find a time quickly to see my favorite little man! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful weekend! Love you guys too!!!!