Friday, April 17, 2009

A Lady's Man???

Rhys, you are so dearly loved! People, especially women :), can't wait to get their hands on you! I can't blame them, really, and I'm trying not to be biased in saying that! ;) {Is that really possible?}

Miss Mary Grace came to see you, and you just smiled and cooed at her, which was so sweet to watch! My hope is that you'll continue to be such a hospitable host of our guests!! :) Then, all the ladies took turns passing you around at community group!
Miss Virginia (above) always wants some Rhys time!! :) She loves babies!!!
Miss Megan had to have her turn!! :) {Careful, son. Mommy is the sole bearer of your nutrients! ;) "Sorry, Megan!"}
Sweet Emily works in a hospital, so she's always so careful not to hold Rhys when she's been at the hospital, for fear of passing on germs. She's so thoughtful! "Thank you, Emily! Rhys is glad you finally got to hold him!!! Clearly, he likes you!!" ;)
And for the surprise!!!!! Ben wanted to hold the little guy, too! That's right! He 'plays' this macho role that he's so opposed to bambinos, but God is good to give each of us a soft spot in our hearts for sweet, helpless babies. After all, we were all babies, too!!

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