Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fun with Family & Friends!!

Stacey & Sarah Kathryn Picardy came to meet Rhys and visit us over the weekend. Sarah Kathryn's gotten to be such a big girl!! She's beautiful, just like Mommy, although she does have Daddy's looks, too! :) A good combination of both of you, Stacey!! :) Saturday morning, we got to celebrate Georgia Kate's 2-year-old birthday!!! Georgia was having fun on one of her new gifts!! :) Mommy was snapping pictures, of course!! :) (Larry & Kathryn did our wedding photography, too!)
Russell & Ryan have good taste, huh? :) They dress alike so often! I thought it was so cute that I had to sneak a picture!
Saturday afternoon, we went for a visit with my family. Baba immediately snatched up the little man!! :)
Aunt Soraya scooped him right up, too! Look at the contentment in this sweet face...Aunt Soraya's arms and lap are comfy, huh? :)
Of course, Mama Nili had to have her turn!! She patiently waited while everyone else got their 'fill' of Rhys. :)
Everyone says that Rhys looks JUST LIKE DADDY!! :)
Saturday evening, we got to hang out with some of our favorite couple friends...the deVilleneuve's and the Erwin's. Jamie & Jenn, above.
Charlie, Jamie's husband, holding Rhys, below.
Dinner was amazing...we grilled out steaks, sausage and brats, while snacking on yummy appetizers from the deVilleneuve's and Erwin's!
Jenn was SO sweet to make this yummy dessert!

We had a full Saturday, which probably explains why we were all pooped on Sunday! Good thing we rested!

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Kathryn said...

Thanks for celebrating with us! It was so good to see you guys, though we didn't get to chat much with all the excitement so we'll have to get together soon. Did Stacy do Ga's shirt from you guys? SO cute!! Rhys is getting so big and it was fun to see him too- glad him & Logan got a good nap in Lincoln'c room! :)