Monday, March 16, 2009

Birthdays & Blessings

This passed Saturday, I got to celebrate happy birthdays with three very special people! To start out the day, Rhys and I got to sing "Happy Birthday" to my best girlfriend, Ashley! She ran in the Perseverance 5K that morning to ring in the new birth year :) and say "Adios!" to the old! She's definitely one who perseveres! I admire Ashley and celebrate the coming year with her!!
What a sweetheart...she baked cupcakes for us, served up a yummy millionaire (fruit) salad, and the chicken minis from Chick-fil-A are always a hit! ;) "Thank you, Dan & Ashley!! What a fun celebration!!"See some of Ashley's racemates below? Just look for the shiney reflector material on the hat and jacket!! :)Later that evening, Russell, Rhys and I got to celebrate Poppa & Yaya's (Pete & Virginia Wright's) birthdays!! They had a combined party with all of their kids and grandkids in town!! Three children, EIGHT grandchildren. I failed to take pictures at their cocktail (GORGEOUS & FUN!!!) birthday party, so I'll have to find a picture of them with all their grandchildren and post that soon!!
Yesterday afternoon, we all got to go visit my Great Aunts Annie Ree & Gloria so that they could meet Rhys!Below, Aunt Annie Ree is in awe of how much Rhys looks like Daddy! Aunt Gloria was a sweetheart. She kept telling us how happy we look! :) We genuinely are, and we praise the Lord. He has blessed us with this new gift!And this is my morning...
I get to cuddle with and love on this sweet little man!!!


Kathryn said...

He's getting so big- and beautiful! I'm glad you shared in some fun celebrating! :)

Mama Matteo said...

thanks for making my bday so special. you are such a blessing in all of our lives. im glad you at fun at Pete and Virginia's and at your aunts house. you are sweet to spread joy and encouragement to so many others. look fwd to some more shireeny time soon.
love ya

The Amato's said...

I can't believe how big Rhys is getting!!! He does look just like Russ. I LOVE the closeups.
We are coming in town this weekend bc ryan has to work next so I will call you Thursday from the road to try & make plans! Love ya girl! Hope to see you soon