Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Winter Wonderland Wedding

Our sweet friend Missy is officially married! Way to go, Andrew!! You have a special woman on your hands! ;)

Missy was in our wedding, not quite two years ago. She's been like a little sister to both me and Russell, and we miss her now that she's living in the big "D," BUT when we found out she was engaged to be married, we were super excited and there was NO way we would miss the big day!!

Russell, Rhys and I had a sweet date weekend, as we drove up to Nashville for the beautiful occasion. The ceremony absolutely glorified the Lord...I told Russell that if I didn't know Christ personally going into their ceremony, I would want to know Him today! What a beautiful presentation of our Lord and His purpose for our lives. Then, we headed to the most ritzy country club I've ever been to for the most elegant reception I've ever attended! Amazing party, wonderful people, delicious appetizers and foods...the night could not have been more perfect!

"We celebrate with Andrew and Missy, and we thank you for inviting us to join in this sweet day with you guys and your many family and friends!! What a fun wedding, guys!" :) Isn't Missy looking 'most ravishing'!?!?! (Andrew, sorry no picture of you!)
Another sweet friend (also in our wedding!!), Natalie, was there, which also made our night extra special as we got to visit and eat dinner with her! "Thanks for treating us to your sweet company, Natalica!" ;) Isn't she absolutely beautiful!!!!
Did I mention that this was Rhys' first road trip??? :) Yep, he did great! At 5 weeks!! Russell and I were thankful!
The winter wonderland part....
It snowed in Nashville the night of the wedding!!! It was a pretty (COLD) treat to get to see this when we woke up the next morning!


Mama Matteo said...

im glad yall had fun, and i thought you looked great!

The Amato's said...

Awww Rhy's first road trip...I think Oddy was 5 weeks when we first came to Bham! It was so good catching up with you this week...ya'll sound (and look) like you're doing great!!! Can't wait to see ya'll soon & meet your sweet little angel.

natalie said...

Your post is so much more detailed than mine. I loved sharing dinner with you, Russell, and Rhys. It was wonderful getting to spend that time with y'all. I agree with Ashley... you looked amazing! Can't believe you just had a baby!

Missy said...

thank you for your sweet words. im glad the ceremony made you want to know Christ (if you didnt!)--that was our main focus and im glad to know it was accomplished. thank you guys for coming-it meant so much for yall to come all the way so soon after the arrival of your PRECIOUS rhys! i was honored to meet him! =) i wish i could have spent more time wiht yall. love you much, xoxo--missy morgan