Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Two Months, Rhys!!!


You are two months today!! Daddy and Mommy adore you more each day of your sweet life! We look forward to coming days, months and years with you!! Mommy especially looks forward to more interaction from you...more of your handsome smiles and sweet coo's!! I can't get enough of those!!
We had fun this weekend doing a lot of outdoor activities, including playing in your pack 'n play outside on our patio. You love the outdoors, the sunshine, the warm weather, and you come by it naturally! ;) You have your mommy and daddy in you for sure!!
Unfortunately, you have to get your two-month shots this Wednesday. Mommy is not looking forward to that because she knows it'll be hard for you (and for me!!). I do, however, look forward to knowing how long you've gotten and how much weight you've gained!! So, this post shall be continued soon...
Happy two months, Son!

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amy kennedy said...

Happy 2 months to your sweet little boy! We have our shots coming up next Monday and I'm not looking forward to it! Hope it all goes well on Wednesday!