Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rhys' 2-Month Shots

Rhys had his 2-month Dr's appointment this morning, and he's progressing well!!! YAY!! Praise the Lord, O, my soul!!

One-Month-Old Stats -----> Two-Month-Old Stats
8lbs 9.5oz ------> 11lbs 6oz (56th percentile)
21.1 inches ------> 22 inches in height (49th percentile)
13.6 inches -----> 15 inches in head circumference

Rhys did GREAT today!!! The nurse came in and gave him an oral immunization, followed by four BIG shots, two on each thigh. He screamed one LOOOOOONG time, his face turned blood red, then I nursed him immediately! It all happened SO fast, and then he was just fine! He was such a big boy, and Mommy and Daddy were and are SO proud of our little man!! He's slept most of the day away and was mostly fussy while awake. Poor little guy...I know he isn't feeling great, but we're keeping him on a safe dose of Tylenol. I pray he sleeps well and LOOOONG :) tonight! We're still working toward getting to a full night's sleep. So far, the longest he has gone is almost 7 hours, but he's averaging 5 to 6 hours. I'm praying that his biological clock continues to stretch out so that he sleeps until 7:00am SOON!!! :)


Mama Matteo said...

Way to go Rhys! I know your mommy and daddy are proud of you, and your Mrs. Ashley is super proud of you as well.

Britney said...

what a trooper Rhys is... and you too! sounds like an all-around great check up! :)

The Morrows said...

hey shireen- our boys had their shots today... hoping they do well into the night as well- can't wait for more than 6-7 hrs between feedings too! glad rhys is doing so well