Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Daddy-Son Time

Daddy & Rhys hangin' out on the sofa, sharing in some good bonding time...Rhys...stretching, stretching, stretching!!!"Daddy's Little Tough Guy" :)Daddy's little outdoorsman!! :)
We all went hiking at Oak Mountain. Russell carried Rhys, who should weigh at least 10lbs by now (plus another 20lbs on his back!) for 3.5 miles!! "Way to go, Hun!" He's actually training for an upcoming military school...Air Assault school. So, he's having to get in shape. :) I can't complain...it encourages me!!Rhys enjoys the activity mat for a good 10 minutes or so, then he gets frustrated, ready for personal interaction with anyone!! I can't blame him...I'd get frustrated at dangling, non-interacting objects, too!! :)


Britney said...

love reading about your weekend and the great bonding time Russell had with Rhys! =) love you guys!

Dana and Chris Sheheane said...

Cute Green family!!! Isn't Diapers.com the best?!!! I'm so glad you love it too. It is the way to go! Definitely spread the word with your code. It helps everyone!! Love, Dana