Friday, November 5, 2010

A WARM Night & Coming Season!!!

I noticed that the temperature was supposed to get down to 38 degrees this morning, so last night, I asked Russell if he'd mind starting a fire, to which he quickly agreed!! I'm so glad because I stayed warm, in fact HOT, all night!!!
Daddy & Rhys camped out in front of the fire for all of one or two minutes, before they got too hot!
Then, I took over! This will be my 'hot spot' all winter long!!! My cold nature will appreciate the fires throughout this coming season!! Yay!!!
Rhys was so excited about the fire that he was hyper!!! In-my-face hyper! :)
Then, get SWEET husband started a big, blazing fire for me this morning at 4:30 so that I would be warm during my morning reading/study time. He really scored some brownie points with that act of service!!! "Thank you, Honey!!!!"

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Mama Matteo said...

score one for russell, that is so great to have a nice hot fire in the morning!