Friday, November 5, 2010

Petting Zoo Adventure

We took Rhys to the Oak Mountain Petting Zoo a few weekends ago, and it was great to let him put barnyard/farm animal names and sounds with the actual visuals!! :) While we were up in Missouri, I could hardly wait to get back to Birmingham so that we could do this with Rhys, and it was worth it!!

First, after we parked our van, this little guy came by to greet us {surely for food! :)}. Russell warned me to not 'aggravate' it because Mr. Peacock would come after me! Note taken! Leave Peacock alone! :)

I was walking behind Rhys like 'Mother Hen'...had Mr. Peacock so much as looked at Rhys the wrong way, I was ready and charged to scoop Rhys up and 'rescue' him! :)
Mr. Peacock was friendly enough...
Next, once we got through the barnyard gates, we were greeted {more like aggressively sniffed (!!!) until I went back to the van to get a quarter so that we could buy the (poor, starving - NOT really) pony some dry corn!} by this big guy {or girl???}. Rhys wasn't so sure about petting this one...
We, then, got to see some goats, cows and then these beautiful creatures, to which Rhys went running!!
Can't you hear him now..."I wanna pet 'nay-nay'!!!" Sweet boy, climbing with all his might!!!
Daddy obliged and held him up HIGH for a good view!
...then Daddy helped Rhys pet 'nay-nay.' :)
Toward the end of our time at the petting zoo, we spotted some sheep!
Again, Rhys didn't quite know what to think of these guys/girls, so he just casually checked them out, not getting too close.
Maybe I was the most excited to go to the petting zoo??? :) I just wanted our sweet man to get to put a name and animal sound with the 'real thing'!!

Now, I'm ready to visit the ZOO!!!!

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