Friday, November 5, 2010

McWane Fun

Thank you, friend, for inviting us out to the McWane Center this chilly morning!! What a perfectly FUN outing on this cold, windy, misty day {as I type , it's actually hailing outside}!!

Rhys & Nathan are only 5 months apart in age and get along so well and had lots of fun together, while we mommies caught up! :)

First stop, the fish exhibit:
The boys were in a trance when "awing" over the pretty fishies!! {Can't you just imagine their expressions with mouths open wide as they stare in amazement at these gorgeous little swimmers? :)}
Rhys was immediately having a blast!
Look how beautiful!!! {NOT my photography, rather the fish!! That zebra fish is REAL!!!}
Then, we mosied on over to the sharks and sting rays, where people were actually petting them! Not me or Rhys! We wanted nothing to do with feeling those slippery things. Yuckie. I venture to guess that Rhys will be up for petting those slimy little guys soon enough, however.
The sharks...
Sting Rays and hammer-head fish...
Then, my sweet tour guide, Ashley, :) took us to another floor of the McWane Center where we got a sneak preview of the train exhibit, which officially opens tomorrow. So, what a treat! Nathan and Rhys were all over these train sets!! The boys were literally hanging over the edges of the big plexi-glass windows wanting a closer view, saying, "Train! Train! Train!"
Then, the boys got some hands-on time with trains...
Rhys ran up to these fun 'cars'...
Funny how kids pick up on what to do with a steering wheel. They just know to turn it...I guess from watching Mommy & Daddy drive the family van!?!?! :)
This was pretty cool...these colorful, transparent sticks that look like Superman's kryptonite :) are pushed into these flexible rubber wholes that have a bright light behind this black screen, and the light penetrates the sticks and makes a really pretty bright color! You can spell out letters, words, make fun designs, etc. with them. I immediately thought of Rhys' Aunt Tami...we're going to have to go back to McWane with Aunt Tami!!!
The 'kryptonite sticks' :)
Then, Rhys went grocery shopping :) He loves pushing these toy grocery carts. What an educational place this is!!! There was even a toy cash register and all the plastic produce to let the children play 'real life'! It's great!
I'm SOLD! We might have to get Rhys a membership to the McWane Center soon!! Maybe a birthday present??? Hmmmm...

Ashley took the boys to another section of McWane while I went to feed Caleb. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of what they did, but I am encouraged to find such an educational, fun place to bring the kiddos this upcoming cold season!!
Thank you, again, Ashley!! :)

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Mama Matteo said...

great post and oh so fast. i really enjoyed having yall as our guests and yall can come again with us soon. have a great weekend even while R is out.