Friday, November 5, 2010

Horse Ride on Halloween

We were invited to a local church's Fall Festival this passed Sunday night (in lieu of trick-or-treating). Most activities were too grown up for our little guy...he's just not ready for race cars and moon walks and other activities where I was sure he'd get trampelled by bigger kids, so when Mommy spotted the pony and horse ride, we headed straight for that!

Rhys was SO patient!! There was a LONG line, and he kept saying, "Nay-nay," reaching out for the horse and pony that were going in circles with other children on them, taking their turns. I kept telling him that he had to wait for his turn, which didn't register one little bit. :) He was so anxious and waiting to get on one of those big "nay-nay's."
When Rhys' turn came up, the HORSE (vs the pony) was available, so Daddy hoisted him up there! (Sorry for the poor quality picture!!)
Rhys got his turn!! He made a big circle on Mr. Nay-Nay, and this is the best picture that Mommy could get at the end of the ride! :) Look at that hilarious little face!!
Whew!! After all that activity...waiting, then riding...Rhys was pooped and fell asleep in the stroller on our walk back to the van. What a fun way to end a day!!

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